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Help Test Democracy Player 0.9.6 Release Candidate

May 17th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We finally have a Release Candidate for Democracy Player 0.9.6. We would love your help trying it out and letting us know if you find any new bugs. This version has a lot of new features, including the ability to watch any folder on your computer for new videos, to resume playback of a video when you stop halfway, minimize to tray on windows, keyboard shortcuts for almost everything, better Windows Vista compatibility, and more.

You can download it here: Democracy Player 0.9.6 RC

You can report bugs here: file a bug report.

Keep in mind that this is pre-release software and may contain serious bugs.

17 Responses to “Help Test Democracy Player 0.9.6 Release Candidate”

  1. knudsen says:

    Why is there no Linux-version?

  2. I with knudsen no linux version …. boooooooooooo

  3. janet says:

    If you follow the instructions here: http://develop.participatoryculture.org/trac/democracy/wiki/GTKX11BuildDocs
    you can build the latest for your flavor.

    Don’t forget to read down to Tips and Tricks which is known for Feisty but could affect other distros.

  4. Canibal says:

    What? no linux version? why?

  5. Dean Jansen says:

    Janet, maybe we should link to the linux build instructions from the nightlies page?

  6. b.art says:

    Call me when you guys get proxy support built in.
    Seemingly great product otherwise though.

  7. janet says:

    b.art: I have tested on osx and xp with Privoxy and everything is functional, downloads, channel guide, adding feeds, torrent downloads.

    If you are having a specific problem please open a ticket so that we can get it resolved prior to release.

    Here is the link for submitting a new ticket.

  8. Andrew Polportson says:

    There are few things which still don’t seem to work correctly and some things I see which should be changed:
    - Democracy’s system tray icon (Win) should at least have a context menu to close the player entirely — otherwise I either have to change the options of the player if I want to restart it or I have to kill it via Taskmgr
    - for some reason the player won’t start properly if I search for video files on first-run (it will display a blank main window and a blank sidebar, the menu works though, but it’s impossible to close the player; first-run wizard will appear again after a restart)
    - The locales seem to not work properly (at least I can state that for the German one, About and Options dialogue only show the yellow XML error windows)
    - I don’t see why the installer for democracy should be that large (22 MB!), especially because it includes a 5 MB file only for resizing photos (ok, in the actual installer file it’s probably smaller) AND Democracy already includes all locales (couldn’t these be loaded on first-run?)
    - the great new Channel Guide seems to be a bit on the heavy side — couldn’t parts of it (in return) be moved into the downloaded package?
    - some of the icons don’t really seem to match (while Channel Guide, New Videos and Downloading icons are relatively abstract, My Collection and Search are pretty concrete) AND some of the icons (e. g. My Collection and folders) look a little pixeled AND the standard feed icon has a white edge
    - Help menu item doesn’t seem to work

    That’s it.

  9. Thanks for the post.

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  11. robbt says:

    Any chance you can build some RC release candidates for Linux. I know that it’s more difficult to build for the different distros but it’d be good to test the packages that come out to see if they work for various peoples configurations. I’m going to try compiling it again for linux right now, but thought that test packages would be good as it would increase the amount of testers for linux.

  12. Justin says:

    I just built the SVN on Ubuntu Feisty, and it works!

    I’m trying it out now, no major bugs so far. Although, in the final 0.9.6 version, will there be a system tray icon for Linux?

    One note, there are still no keyboard shortcuts in the Linux version (this has been the case for a while, although they were present in an earlier release). Why haven’t those come back?

  13. paulo says:

    Hi all
    We love democ player but is there anyone interested in making it easier for the average PC user?

    We want to launch a Tv channel soon but lots of people are telling us that Democ player is still too geeky to use. We are seeking a programmer who can re-skin a version of democ player for us. All details on http://www.visionontv.info
    Please help!

  14. umopepisdn says:

    With a one click subscribe button, it will install democracy with your station subscribed.
    or add you channel if it isn’t installed.

    too geeky?

  15. Georg says:

    nice stuff. waiting for Broadcast Machine update

  16. BritOnTour says:

    Seems like the play/pause hotkey (Spacebar) is no longer working. Is it a bug or has the hotkey changed to something else?

  17. 5eeyio says:

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