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MITV Videos: Bringing the Site to Life

May 17th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

We recently put out a call to experienced video producers, requesting short videos with advice about “making internet video”. The best of these will be embedded in Make Internet TV.

I want to bring a particularly good example to your attention: Erik Beck of the brand new show, Indy Mogul, made this GREAT video.

He really hits the nail on the head, beginning with a personal introduction, a mention of his show, and a bit of solid, clear, and concise advice.

The videos look really nice when they’re actually embedded in the site. The Video Info / Embed It button reveals credits, links, and embed tags.

Erik on MITV

I think we’ll see more and more MITV videos rolling in soon — as they do, I’ll be sure to blog the best of them.

PS. Rumor has it, Rocketboom is going to do an MITV video (you can too)!

One Response to “MITV Videos: Bringing the Site to Life”

  1. JohnC says:

    Great example (and great video) I was nervous about what you were looking for, but I can make something like that.

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