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Publishers Hurt by Hosting Giants?

May 14th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

This post on NewTeeVee makes a point that’s crucial to our mission: some of the best new online publishers are avoiding the biggest video hosting sites like YouTube. In doing so, they lose access to a potentially enormous audience, but they gain control. Democracy Player is designed to make that unfortunate trade-off obsolete; if viewers become the point of aggregation, rather than hosting sites, then publishers can shop around for their best options and viewers can watch anyway they want.

One Response to “Publishers Hurt by Hosting Giants?”

  1. Roni Segoly says:


    I think the truth will always be in between, today the mechanism of brining quality video to users, is still in the hands of content providers and traditional broadcasters (satellite, IP, cable), the Internet offers new ways, but I think the combination will be between online aggregators and user aggregation.
    There are dvantages for users to see video on sites like Youtube, its the community, sharing, tagging, easy to digest, familiar UI, and no need to download, but Youtube will have same dilemma as broadcasters have today, as they established their business on content they ‘borrow’ from others, and they will want to be the last stop, and to block others from reusing their content or rather the content they offer, to make money.

    Its exciting world now and the changes are obvious.

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