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Can we get a link?

June 26th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

I’m a little worried that when we launch Miro two weeks from now, people won’t be able to find us on search engines right away, because the links to us will be too new. If you have a blog or website, it would be really helpful if you could throw up a link now to ‘http://www.getmiro.com’ with the word ‘Miro’, like this: Miro. Maybe we can at least get into the top 10 or 20 by launch day so that folks who hear our name somewhere can find us.

We’ll probably do a permanent redirect from this site to the new one, so I think searches for Democracy Player will point right over. I’m not sure if the new site inherits some of our ranking power when we do a redirect.

30 Responses to “Can we get a link?”

  1. Cristiano says:

    IMHO, giving up that whole “Miro” affair would be a more intelligent decision. “Democracy Player” sounds like something unique. “Miro” just sounds like another web-2.0 comercial mumbo-jumbo.

  2. [...] Nicholas over at Miro (previously the Democracy player) is asking for a little help from bloggers to ensure people can quickly find their renamed site when they go live in two weeks. Happy to help! [...]

  3. Paul Kim says:

    Just linked to Miro on my blog. Good luck!

  4. John says:

    If you do a 301 permanent redirect, all of Democracy’s Google juice will stick to Miro. So to speak.

  5. nicholas reville says:

    john– that’s good to hear, thanks for the tip. maybe i’ll put miro into the website title on getmiro to get that ball rolling. google for “miro video” gives democracy player as the 3rd result already, so that’s a good sign. but for just plain ‘miro’ we are nowhere to be found.

    paul– thanks!

  6. mark says:

    I like the new name. And I added a link to you new page.

    @ttuuxxx: get a life

  7. Dommus says:

    Democracy is a better name and you could just shorten it to ‘Demo’ if you want it to sound more Latino.


  8. ttuuxxx says:

    Miro sucks ass, screw the Spanish bastard who keeps deleting my post, leave it the way it was or break up this open-sourced project because of one dumb ass closed source mind, freedom of speech and freedom of SPAIN..

  9. calculus says:

    link now opens login script for server name “Bane of My Existence.” so… look out.

  10. Matt Kivela says:

    You should no longer be prompted for a login prompt, hopefully ever, for the simple http://www.getmiro.com and http://www.getmiro.com/index.html — I just re-jiggered the entire security model since the “simple” way wasn’t playing nice with proxy as we started receiving more and more hits.

    Other parts of the website remain protected behind the logins as we finish development.

  11. Have linked from http://hamishcampbell.com and will link from http://visionontv.com when I get back to the office next week. Name changes… will right about that next week on the blog – can think of more important things to change (:

  12. Nicholas Reville says:

    thanks hamish! i know you guys have a lot of stuff you’d like to see change and i think we’re working towards that. the name change doesn’t really take much of our developers’ time, it’s more on my end of things.

  13. I think it is a mistake to change the name to Miro too. Miro means nothing whereas Democracy Player does. It highlights the need to democratise the media, encourage grass roots participation in media creation and facilitate viewers interaction with the media, providing feedback.

    I gather that you think Democracy Player sounds too political, too liberal/radical and that it puts apolitical and conservative types off the player thus limiting your user base. Well you can’t have it both ways. Achieving change requires challenging the apathy of the apolitical and conservative. The name needs to reflect the purpose in some meaningful way. Take YouTube. The name is a pun on “You too”. Its simple message is “broadcast yourself” and this works well. It has led to an explosion of media activity.

    I have the impression that you have already made your minds up about the name change and this message will probably fall on deaf ears which is a pity. I would like to suggest other names, but I think I would be wasting my time.

    I will simply say that If you want a more soft-sell approach to participatory culture and media, then find a name that means something similar to the existing name, or is a derivative of it, that hints at your purpose in a more oblique way. That would be infinitely better than retreating completely into a meaningless name that has no relationship to your purpose.

  14. Nathan Jones says:

    Re: Name Change

    I agree that the project will lose momentum from the name change, but in the long term, I don’t think it will be a problem.

    “I gather that you think Democracy Player sounds too political, too liberal/radical and that it puts apolitical and conservative types off the player thus limiting your user base. Well you can’t have it both ways. Achieving change requires challenging the apathy of the apolitical and conservative.” – Chris Edwards.

    I disagree. I think achieving change requires a large user base. Let the name and the useful software appeal to everyone, and let the increased user base drive the project’s mission. The names Mozilla and Firefox don’t have political connotations and they don’t need them. People love the software and the popularity of Firefox has greatly helped Mozilla’s goal to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet. The more Miro spreads, the more chance it has of standing its ground and offering a viable alternative to proprietary approaches to Internet TV.

  15. Katy G. B. says:

    i don’t dislike the new name as much as i just like democracy.tv, it makes or of a statement and feels more like being part of a change Miro just sounds made up and like you’re trying to make a new buzzword(witch i’m sure you are-but *blah*), anyways i’d love to add an add but i’d like a link image first, others wise like of course you’ll get linked in my next blog post, i.e., big huge update.

    as for loosing momentum, it could actually cause it to pick up, but only if its done right, if they mess it up we’re gonna get hit. but if the can handle correctly redirecting all the subscribe.getmiro.com links. and like with any remotely linked graphics, if they do it right sites could suddenly like magically have new and better graphics *not the kiss*. that just says miro = mono and really its over, i’d rather click on a pickle, lol which i don’t.

    i odeo and than redirect the rss to subscribe.getdemo. . . (through a bookmarks keyword &added custom protocol. democracy://url send it straight to the player1) there are two things miro(i gotta start using it sometime)has always sucked at. one, they need better and more graphics. as a web designer i want something that’ll fit into my site, its why odeo has worked so well. they need more options. than they need to not appear to ignore audio as much as they have. yes video’s cooler, more important; because of the confusing codecs. but there are more podcasts and audio _is_ leading this media revolution. miro’s right to focus on video… but where’s their ‘audio/podcast’ channel. when that shows up online, they have something like video bomb for audio. and their audio cast channel shows up in miro after an install; on the right. if they can add these things and pull these off even half way decently. than not only could this change not hurt, it could propel it forward greatly.

    if there are graphics miro would get a perm link on my site… once my revamp is done… speaking of which, back to it.

    1 http://kb.mozillazine.org/Register_protocol#Linux_and_Mac

  16. Katy G. B. says:

    okay one more thing,

    hell no! no link yet, i just checked out http://www.getmiro.com/ and got a lovely apache htpasswd prompt that like nearly trapped me in firefox. it frustrated me… but link to it?-even if it just denied me access i wouldn’t link to it, but it instead keeps prompting(of course that coulda been my firefox profile). but until my friends, visitors, and loyal worshipers can see a site i couldn’t link to getmiro. so yeah, that’s prolly #1 thing to fix; beta or not it should at least let people in. hell, i wouldn’t be surprised if robots are getting stopped up. anyways, yeah i wouldn’t link till then

    and for lil geekChick me, how can i join their beta program, anyone know?

  17. thejokker says:

    Why should we link to a login-required site?

    lets just wait until the new site is ready and then we can forward users over, plus the redirect you are planning will do the same thing.

    I would be pissed off if some guys site told me to check out a new web-tv program only to be stuck at some stupid login screen.

    Wait and do it the right way

  18. ReliantUSS says:

    Well, I have to agree with those that question the name change and especially those that won’t link to it unless the site can function properly. The Democracy name has much more to it than simply the implication of the word “democracy” itself. The name is already unusual enough to draw people to it. I’m like the rest that the name “Miro” means nothing to me. I just did a simple Google search for this word “miro”. Of the first 10 links provided, the link to this new Miro site is #9, so it seems it shouldn’t be hard for folks to find it once they know the name. Links 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 10 are about Joan Miro, a Catalan artist who lived from 1893 to 1983. Link 3 goes to a German marketing & service site. Link 6 is supposed to go to a site connected with the Mambo open source CMS and the little blurb on it suggests they may be leaving the Miro name behind to become Rice Studios. Link 7 goes to a Miro Industries company that produces pipestands, pedestals, deck plates, etc. The Merriam Webster dictionary has only one definition for the word miro and that refers to the artist mentioned above. The Encyclopedia Britannica predominantly refers to many people named Miro who seem to have a connection to Spanish art.

    So, with all of that information, why does the name need to be changed to that specific term. Why not call the project “Fred” or “Pumpernickel” or some other name that seems to have no direct connection to it? What’s wrong with Democracy? I sure hope it’s not because one person from Spain absolutely insists it has to be that way. If it is, it seems like this must not really be an Open Source project at all. So much for real democracy.


  19. [...] 30th, 2007 · No Comments From Paul Kim:  The people at what is currently Democracy Player are asking that the blogospherespread the word — Democracy Player is being re-branded as Miro. [...]

  20. Div says:


  21. Tristan says:

    It will appear in my next post, I promise!

  22. Chadd says:

    Wow, people really get up in arms over a simple name change. Nathan Jones above has made a point that overrides everyone else here. Mozilla and Firefox are not “political” names, yet they have grown leaps and bounds and challenged many larger and well connected players in the browser market. In fact they are very socially active and political organization, even without a name that says they are. It part of branding to take a generic name and make it mean something to the average person, instead of them coming with preconceived notions.

    Make the name generic and easy to remember and let people who would be turned off by democracy tv (thinking its some “political” channel in search results) stumble across the player and use it. The point is that Miro will get a much better reception and hopefully bring more people, such as developers, that can really help push the project forward.

    Open source or not, non-profit or not, PCF and Miro are still subject to the same forces and issues that exist with other video players and must be pragmatic and a realist to enact change in the video marketplace.

    I welcome the name change and will continue to help the project. It wasn’t the name that drove me to project in the first place (in fact it confused me)…it was the kick ass video player.

  23. Paul Irish says:

    Linked you up in the footer of Aurgasm. I’ll give a proper link on launch. Hopefully my PR6 will help fight the SEO war on Lady Joan. ;-)

  24. Sparky says:

    Searching for “Miro” on google now shows getmiro.com on first page.
    Way to go team! :)

  25. Nicholas Reville says:

    Sparky– that rules! Thanks for the help everyone.


  26. RiddickRom says:

    I’m sorry I cant help with a link, dont have a site to put a miro link on right now but I have been telling everyone I know about it.

    It looks like Miro is already set to be found in google for the launch so I hope it goes well and the progrma goes from strength to strength.

    As it stands now, I love Democracy Player, aka Miro to bits so it really can only get better for me.

  27. [...] Democracy, the little internet tv tuner that could, is about to see a big upgrade and name change, relaunching as Miro. I like the slightly subversive ring of it’s original moniker, but we all bow down before the marketing god and I’m sure Miro will sound better once the David Pogues of the world take notice. Anyway, it’s the third most used app on my laptop and I expect good things from the The Participatory Culture Foundation. [...]

  28. Team Democracy:

    I would reference Chris Edwards above:

    “I think it is a mistake to change the name to Miro too. Miro means nothing whereas Democracy Player does. It highlights the need to democratise the media, encourage grass roots participation in media creation and facilitate viewers interaction with the media, providing feedback.”

    And I would add that in this time of ever narrowing perspectives allowed by the very few elite corporate magnates of the world, the people are waking up to their need to share information that is not part and parcel of some propaganda machine. Democracy.tv does that, quite well thank you very much. And since I have rarely met an open source junkie that didn’t share this view on America, so it begs the questions:

    Who bought you guys out? How much did you make? Because you surely aren’t giving any response to people who are expressing similar opinion all over your website.

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