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Looking for a good merchandise “fulfillment” company

June 11th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We’re getting a bunch of new store items ready for the Miro launch– so far, we have some awesome new t-shirt designs and some logo stickers. For Democracy Player, we’ve been doing the shipping ourselves, but it really would make a lot more sense for us to do it through someone that’s actually good at it.

Basically we need a company that can receive merch from our suppliers, take the orders, ship them, do customer support, etc. We generally prefer working with small and independent companies, but we’ll consider anyone. Also, we’re coding our own shopping cart since we couldn’t find one that was simple and easy enough for our tastes (it will be open-source when it’s ready). The cart will work through paypal, so the shipping company will either need to be able to get the orders from our paypal account or have us point the paypal IPN thing at their database. We’re happy to integrate with anyone’s backend, but we want to be able to do our nice clean front-end.

Any suggestions? You can leave comments or email me: nicholas (at) pculture.org


4 Responses to “Looking for a good merchandise “fulfillment” company”

  1. Chadd says:

    I was reading about Ask a Ninja the other day and they talked about this company called Amplifier that they use to distribute their merchandise.


    The site says they can integrate with an existing store, etc. Might be a good fit, just not sure if they cater to online shows or other online entities.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    I came across your thread and wanted to offer my companies services to you. Check out our website:
    You can call me with any questions 1-877-321-7447.

    Take Care,

  3. Jason says:

    Have you looked at http://www.cafepress.com/ they have been around a long time and would be ones to benchmark against even if they don’t quite fit the (small independent) wishlist.

    There are some shopping carts that work on WordPress you might want to look at like WP e-Commerce see http://www.instinct.co.nz/?p=16#support

  4. Please view our wedsite and give me a call if you have any questions, at (305) 819-1065.

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