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Help Test 0.9.8 – Miro Public Preview 1

July 13th, 2007 by janet

We have some testing builds and source (rc1) available for the version 0.9.8 – Miro Public Preview 1. We would love your help trying it out and letting us know if you find any new bugs. This version includes:

  • Complete keyboard shortcuts on all platforms.
  • Improved system tray functionality on Windows.
  • A new ‘report a bug’ menu item.
  • Veoh.com as a search engine.
  • Important bug fixes.

You can download it here: Testing builds and RCs

You can report bugs here: file a bug report

Keep in mind that this is pre-release software and may include significant bugs.

11 Responses to “Help Test 0.9.8 – Miro Public Preview 1”

  1. mirox says:

    I think I love Miro and will use it for ever, but I don´t know for sure, because there´s not a single version that ever is possible to use :-(
    It´s only possible to install it, but as always, it´s not possible to launch it, it´s just dead :-(
    Will there ever be a version again that will work on a Windows machine?

  2. hamish says:

    The RAR for windows is corrupted?

  3. janet says:

    Mirox – you problem doesn’t happen to all windows users and I have had a hard time trying to reproduce it. Could you please take a look at the link to ‘report a bug’ above. If you could create a bug report and include as much detail as you can about your systems – hopefully we can track this down and get it fixed for you and a few other windows users.

  4. mirox says:

    Tested another nightly build,0714, and also tested once more with your firewalls advice, and cleaned out all files you recommend, and also the registry, but no, it´s still dead :-(
    I can´t send you a log or bugreport, because nothing at all happens.
    I´m using XP sp2,swedish version.
    Downloading Miro, installing it, and then it´s dead and gone, no error messages, not anything at all.
    It used to work before I updated to version 9.6. so I guess something changed in that version.

  5. Preserve Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nathan Jones says:

    Appropriate that I read this today, when I’m wearing my Miro t-shirt.

    Missing from this post is a little information about installing Miro for testing. For example (I’m using a Mac), can I run both Miro and Democracy Player? Will Miro a) use the same data, b) import the data, or c) start from scratch?

    I can find out by trying it, but a little info might encourage more people to test.

  7. Nathan Jones says:

    To partially answer my own question:

    I installed and ran Miro. It renamed my Democracy folders under App Support and Movies to Miro. The result is that if I start Democracy, it wants to start from scratch.

    I’m happy to stick with Miro, but sad that it hadn’t restored data about which videos were Unwatched. Fortunately, I only watch a few shows and can remember where I’m up to.

  8. richard says:

    constantly crashing again on start up , and if i try to file a bug report this is what i get ….Submission rejected as potential spam (Maximum number of external links per post exceeded, Akismet says content is spam)….


  9. janet says:

    We now have rc2 up and available. Please help us test it. We also have a distribution available for ubuntu testing located here:


    I am really sorry about the overzealous spam filtering. However if you attempt to submit a log file and it is rejected, I can still find it in the spam logs.

    Finally – if you are getting the crash on start up with 0.9.6, like richard (above) – please try and tell us what happened before the crashes, and provide the output from your Console. We really want to get this fixed, but need to be able to reproduce it.

  10. mirox says:

    Tried the rc2, but same result, Miro is dead after installing it.
    I´ve sent a crash report, 8106.

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