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In Open Video, User-Centric is Key (pt I)

July 30th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

We are constantly pushing the notion of the user as the point of aggregation. This means that the user collects sources of video together from multiple hosting sites.

People sometimes ask me why we think this user-centric approach is key to democratizing online video. The alternative hosting-centric approach — YouTube, Veoh, etc — means that viewers end up visiting just a handful (or maybe only one) of dominant video publishing sites.

When video is hosting-centric, people have no alternative but to visit individual publishing sites. And they naturally gravitate towards the largest and most prominent site. This is true in other places on the internet — for example, how many successful virtual auction sites can you name?

When hosting sites act as aggregators, video producers are forced to either publish to all the popular sites or risk being invisible. It makes absolutely no sense for a single video to be published twice, let alone five or ten times! Treating the user as the point of aggregation pretty much solves this one — publishers can make video available from the single location (of their choice), while maintaining access to a substantial audience. This is how the rest of the web works — individuals can create a blog or webpage on any host and have an equal shot at being seen.

The user centered model is clearly more democratic — no matter where or how a video is published, the viewer can find and watch it. One of our goals with Miro is to make all of the video on the web equally accessible. Where the video is hosted shouldn’t matter to the viewer.

It’s not likely that we’ll see a video site with the total dominance of ebay, however, it certainly isn’t impossible. We’re confident that our user-centric approach makes a monopoly even more remote. That means more access for viewers and more freedom for creators.

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  2. Rob Safuto says:

    Good ideas in this post. Thank you.

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