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Launch Update

July 20th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

Wow. The launch has been going really well it seems. We’ve had more than 40,000 downloads in the past 48 hours and still seem to be going strong. And the blog coverage has been wonderful. Here’s a few of the biggest referrers we’ve seen so far:

Last 100Monkey Bites (a Wired Blog)Digg.comSlashdotBoingBoingThe InquirerRead/Write WebArs Technica20minutenheise onlinePunto-InformaticoStumble Upon

And so many more! Thanks everyone!

9 Responses to “Launch Update”

  1. THEO says:

    I really hope Miro catches on like Firefox and becomes a lot more customizable; while the default skin is clean-looking, I’m not entirely crazy about it.
    What little BitTorrent is built into Miro doesn’t give much reason to stop using uTorrent, either.

    But good luck. To the future!

  2. nicholas reville says:

    THEO – I hope so too on all three counts. We definitely want to make Miro much more expandable and customizable after version 1.0 and BitTorrent support is one area where we definitely could use some improvement.

  3. Percy says:

    I look forward for added support for subtitle and audio tracks. In the case of Matroska it pretty much defeats the purpose of supporting it at all. But I know it’s just beginning and have very high expectations for it.

  4. Nomo says:

    Attack of the Show tipped me off yesterday and I have to say so far I love it. I really feel a whole section of the internet I was missing out on has opened up to me. Thanks!

  5. Jon says:

    And I’ve noticed quite an upswing in the number of channels being submitted to the channel guide. I moderated somewhere around 50 just yesterday and there are 120 new ones there today.

    It’s unreal!

    I also put together a writeup on Miro if anyone wants a quick overview.

  6. THEO says:

    Not to be Debbie Downer here, but I had to uninstall Miro to be able to use uTorrent again;
    less emphasis on the “channel” selection and much more on the Options menu. :)

  7. Greig says:

    Like the player a lot.

    Hopefully in the not too far off future, some networks will come around and realize that they can benefit from striking a deal with programs like Miro to display some popular TV shows.

    One small issue I have is how much memory Miro uses (~130+k on my system) – that’s a bit cumbersome on my system.

  8. Dan Schaeffer says:

    I like this a lot. Any chance of consolidating the search function so we don’t have to run the same search on multiple sources (youTube, Veoh, etc.)? Or am I just missing something?

  9. Sparky says:

    I would like to request more options when playing .m3u and .pls files with more then one entry in them.

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