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Announcing Miro

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I am exhausted, excited, and very proud to present Miro.

Please check out our new website and download Miro, Public Preview 1 – GetMiro.com.

Formerly known as ‘Democracy Player’, this new name, logo, and updated version of the software represents the next evolution of the project. We are hoping to reach even more people and build the open video movement. The software is more polished and stable than ever. The website has been re-designed with more focus on community and outreach. The new name will be less confusing to everyone who thought Democracy Player was only for videos about politics.

As always, we are a non-profit organization and we build this software because we think there’s a chance to bring television online in a way that’s more open and accessible than ever. Companies are battling desperately to control video, monopolize users, and build proprietary distribution systems. It’s a dangerous direction for the future of media.

Miro is built to be as open as possible– open source, open-standards, compatible with any host that provides video rss, open to alternate channel guides, and able to search multiple video sites. We want there to a be minimum of gatekeepers and a maximum of choice for creators and viewers. The future of online video is being defined right now. We need your help to make sure that the open approach is as strong as possible.

Take a look at our new ‘Join In‘ page and see if there’s ways you want to get involved. Let’s do this thing!

Help Test 0.9.8 – Miro Public Preview 1

Friday, July 13th, 2007

We have some testing builds and source (rc1) available for the version 0.9.8 – Miro Public Preview 1. We would love your help trying it out and letting us know if you find any new bugs. This version includes:

  • Complete keyboard shortcuts on all platforms.
  • Improved system tray functionality on Windows.
  • A new ‘report a bug’ menu item.
  • Veoh.com as a search engine.
  • Important bug fixes.

You can download it here: Testing builds and RCs

You can report bugs here: file a bug report

Keep in mind that this is pre-release software and may include significant bugs.

The Free Phone

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The iPhone is pretty nice, but here’s the phone I’m really interested in: Neo 1973. It’s the first totally free-as-in-freedom open-source, hackable phone. Building in openness means that we can escape the mess of crappy phone software and proprietary systems. The cell-phone industry in the US is grossly distorted by contract lock-in, phones sold through service providers, and proprietary services– it’s why almost everyone hates their phone. A few months ago, I switched to Verizon to get better call reliability and ended up with a Motorola Razr with Verizon’s custom software installed onto it. It’s one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used– terrible interface, totally inconsistent navigation, extremely slow to perform basic functions (like viewing my list of contacts), and it’s constantly trying to promote their awful ‘VCast’ service.

An open phone means an end-run around this mess, by putting people in control. Just like the openness of the web, phone openness means that the best software, best services, and best interfaces will get passed from person to person. More competition, more freedom, and a better user experience.

Right now it looks like Neo is targeted to developers. I’ll probably wait a while before getting one (assuming it can work with Verizon, which I haven’t even looked into).

French version of Mozilla post (and please add translations, if you’d like)

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

I’ve had a lot of positive response to my recent post about Mozilla and ‘corporate social responsibility’, Mozilla isn’t a socially responsible business (it’s better).

Tristan Nitot (who runs Mozilla Europe) suggested that I ask for translations of the post. He also found a volunteer to translate it into French and has posted it to his blog: Mozilla n’est pas une entreprise socialement responsable (c’est mieux) – Standblog.

If you’d like to translate the post for your own blog, that would be great. If you do, drop me a line (nicholas – at – pculture.org) or put a link here in the comments so other folks can find it. And as a general point, anyone should feel free to translate or reprint anything that appears on this blog– I should probably put up a Creative Commons license. It’s also worth noting that less than a third of the visitors to getmiro.com are from the United States, where we’re based; we are already a very global project.

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