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Tranlsating Miro

July 25th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

Only about a third of Miro downloads come from people in the United States (where we’re based) and only half of the visitors to getmiro.com have their language preference set to English. Being a truly global project is very important for our mission and it’s also important to all of us that work here. In fact, we’re a global team ourselves – Luc lives in France and Janet in Croatia.

With the name change to Miro and updates to the menu items, parts of the software that used to be translated were reset to English. We’ve now synced all the new text to our launchpad translation page and we’d love to have more folks jump in and translate. Translate Miro here (register here).

We always sync our translations before putting out a new version, so anything that gets translated in the next couple weeks will make it into Miro Public Preview 2.

Since getmiro.com is all new, we’re starting from scratch with website translations and we’re trying to get that new text up on launchpad soon. In the past we’ve only translated the front page, but we’re going to be steadily expanding translatability across more and more of the site.

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