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BIG Contest: Design 1-Click Subscribe Buttons

August 8th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

In the hustle and bustle of launching GetMiro.com, we weren’t left with a lot of time to make 1-click subscribe buttons. We think it will be fun to have a contest for new designs.

A Fun Little Design Contest

Design up to three buttons and submit them as links in the comments. On August 20th, we’ll create a blog post with all of the submissions.

There aren’t a lot of constraints on what you can submit. Our goal is to have a selection of buttons that would look nice on a blog sidebar or myspace page. We hope to see a variety of sizes and colors.

Judgment Day: August 20th

Voting will be informal and will happen in the comments. Every voter is allowed to pick two of their favorite designs. Please, one vote per person. The polls will be open for 24 hours. In the end, it’ll boil down to the crowd’s four favorites.

Fame, Fortune & HUGE Prizes

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest ranked designers will get to pick a Miro shirt from a set of three designs that are NOT yet publicly available. The first prize winner will get one of each of the new shirt designs! We have both boy and girl sizes.

Extended Everlasting Fame

All buttons that we include on our 1-click subscribe page will have their creator’s name immortalized, along with a link to their website or blog. We choose these designs (and they could fall outside of the winner’s pool).

What is a 1-Click Button/Link?

Miro has the ability to use 1-click subscribe links. That means a person can click a link from a browser and automatically become subscribed to a channel (or set of channels). We’re going to start really encouraging video producers to add these to their sites. This is the Miro 1-click button maker.

Use the M

This is a .png graphic with a transparent background. You’re welcome to use it in your designs (we just ask that you don’t change the color or shape).


The Small Text
This contest is for fun. Submit up to three different designs. There will be (at least) four different people winning prizes. Feel free to use the Miro ‘M’, but please don’t change its color, orientation, aspect ratio, or shape. Your friends CAN vote for you. If we find anyone cheating on votes, we’ll sick the PCF dogs on them! Good luck and above all, have fun!

Edit: Here is the Miro font (unfortunately, it’s not free).

26 Responses to “BIG Contest: Design 1-Click Subscribe Buttons”

  1. Pat Race says:

    Here’s my first swing. I favor the smaller button sizes and I designed this one to be visible on light and dark backgrounds. I used it to replace the existing button on my own site and I like it enough that I might have to keep it.

  2. Pat Race says:

    Ok.. I guess I can’t submit html images in these comments. Let’s try this instead:


    or see it in action at akrobotics.com

  3. Sha says:

    Here’s my entry. I dont know how to create png file so I just save as jpg. You can have the psd source files latest if you like.



  4. Pat Race says:

    Hi Sha, if you’re using Photoshop use the “Save for Web” option or else try using the GIMP to save your file: http://www.gimp.org/

  5. Pat Race says:

    Here’s my second entry, it doesn’t work so well on black backgrounds but I like it on light colors.


  6. thingie says:

    Not an entry because i cropped the logo, but i needed one that fit with the other subscribe buttons on my site (91×17)

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  8. Sam 89364 says:

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Here are my 5 entries:


  9. Dean Jansen says:


    Two small concerns: “Design up to three buttons and submit them as links in the comments.” Maybe we should have made this limit a bit higher, but since it has already been set, maybe you could just go through and pick your favorite 3?

    Also, you cropped the Miro logo, which is technically against the rules (we want the shape to become iconic — once everyone recognizes it, the cropping won’t be such a big deal). I’m not really sure the best way to deal with this?

    I don’t want to be a buzzkill ;)

  10. Sam 89364 says:

    Well I guess it’s my fault for not reading the rules carefully!! I should probably be disqualified :p

    Are the buttons in my second post acceptable? (some of them have a very slight crop!)
    If they are OK, I can choose three of them as my submission.

    let me know!

  11. Dean Jansen says:


    You’re in the penalty box…

    Heh, no actually we /might/ be able to work something out ;)

    What if you made the M logo bleed over the edges (like you did with the green version)?

  12. Sam 89364 says:

    Here is my official submission. Three buttons with a full logo:


  13. Dean Jansen says:

    Sam — awesome, thanks for making those changes :)

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  15. noo says:

    Here is my entry: http://niebieskie.com/img/miro-noo-buttons-01.png
    Good luck to all contestants.

  16. Alexandra says:

    Just bought Adobe Illustrator so this was a fun way to get my hands dirty. I love your miro logo…my favorite colors!

  17. Dean Jansen says:

    Ok, I’m going to close the comments on this thread.

    I did find a few submissions in the spam filter — if you submitted something and it’s not here, get in touch asap: dean a pculture d org.

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