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Cool things coming with 0.9.9

August 30th, 2007 by janet

We are hoping to get some more testing prior to the release of Miro Public Preview 2. I thought I would mention my favorite updates and hopefully inspire you to check it out and give us some feedback.

OPML Import and Export – Finally it is here! Export your itunes or fireant feeds and import them into Miro. Export your Miro channel list and share your favorites with a friend.

Single File Download – Got a url of a video that you want to add to your library? Copy the link. From the File menu, select Download Video – and it is yours.

Channel Guides – I love the Miro Guide, but I have had a lot of fun using some other guides. Use the Channels -> Add Channel Guide menu to add the likes of blip.tv, mefeedia and even digg. You can browse for videos and feeds. With the blip.tv subscribe button, you can add a channel directly into Miro.

So please – grab the latest release candidate from the testing builds. File a bug if you find one. We have an automatic crash reporter for any crashes – and the Report a Bug link in the Help menu.

2 Responses to “Cool things coming with 0.9.9”

  1. Will the Download Video option also work with video sharing websites? For example, if I were to type in a YouTube URL, would the YouTube video itself be downloaded? SaveYouTube.com allows videos to be downloaded from just a URL.

  2. Clay says:

    First off, I absolutely LOVE Miro. I literally use it on a daily basis. There are, however, a few things still missing that I feel are going to be a must. Still need a right click menu for the videos with an option for “open with…” and “Mark as Not New.” And oddly enough, Miro opens from the notification area with a single click unlike most windows programs. This might seem strange but that is highly annoying due to habit, can that be changed? Also would like to see a double click for full screen/exit full screen. Again I truly benefit from Miro and like where it is going, I just wanted to make some constructive criticism.

    Miro Fan,

    PS I wasn’t sure where to post this, and since the last time I posted to the blog it got a response I felt it was worth another shot.

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