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Developers: you can now build Miro on Windows with free tools!

August 8th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

Since the Miro project began 2 years ago, we’ve been using Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 to build Miro on Windows, because it’s the compiler used to build the official version of Python. There’s only 3 problems with this: it’s not free as in freedom, it costs money, and you can’t actually buy it anymore (except on ebay). This puts up a huge obstacle for developers that want to work on Miro on Windows.

Paul Swartz has spent the past couple weeks figuring out how to build Miro on Windows with all free tools (not an easy task). We are very pleased to offer these instructions, which we hope will let more people participate in Miro development: How to Build Miro with MinGW. Go free software!

2 Responses to “Developers: you can now build Miro on Windows with free tools!”

  1. Eric says:

    Go Paul Swartz!

    I don’t know him, but now I think he’s cool.

  2. Thanks very much for sharing these useful tools, i’m always on the look out for good tools to make it easier.

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