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Looking for a West-Coast Business Development Director

August 14th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

PCF is a non-profit organization and the vast majority of our budget so far has come from foundation grants and user donations. In the long-term, we’re hoping to follow Mozilla’s model of finding ways that we can generate earned income to partially or complete support the organization without compromising our mission focus (for example, Mozilla earns most of its operating budget from deals with search engines).

Generating more income would allow us to focus less time on fundraising and more time developing Miro and spreading our message. It wouldn’t mean that we would stop being a non-profit– nobody would own any share of PCF, no company could buy us, and our mission would stay primary. Being a 501c3 non-profit locks our values into the organizational structure (which is exactly why we set ourselves up as a non-profit).

I believe that we’re ready to start experimenting with some business deals. I’ve been talking over ideas with lots of different groups and companies, but we need someone who can focus on this full-time.

Who We’re Looking For

Above all, we need somebody who is passionate about our mission. We expect all our employees to be world-class talents who work with us because they believe that open media is vitally important. We can’t provide a Google-level salary, we can’t give you equity or stock options, but we can offer an opportunity to work with smart people on an exciting, growing project that really matters to the world.

We’re hoping to hire an individual who’s based on the west coast of the US so that they can meet with companies and follow leads.

We don’t have a specific set of criteria, but you must have a solid understanding of Miro and a clear idea of how you might pitch the project to potential business partners. You must be very sharp, flexible, and good at building relationships. If you have business experience in Silicon Valley, that’s great. if you don’t, convince us why you could still excel in this position.

So if you think you can help us grow our organization, I’d love to hear from you. Send a resume and tell us why you think you are the person we need. Email: nicholas|at|pculture.org

And if you know anyone who you think might fit this description, please pass the message along! We need all the help we can get to find the perfect person.

5 Responses to “Looking for a West-Coast Business Development Director”

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  2. Erik Möller says:

    You’re deciding the future of your organization right now. Seems you’re going for a very for-profit-like approach of trying to support the project. Have you considered the alternatives, such as in-application fundraising (donations) or grant-based program development? The drawback I see with the business development approach is that there’s a risk of becoming dependent on for-profit entities who have their own agenda that does not necessarily match yours. In the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) our focus is more on fundraising & program development, though we have a small business development component. It’s a bit tougher to get off the ground, and our budget is meager compared to Mozilla’s, but I value the independence that this has given us.

  3. [...] Looking for a West-Coast Business Development DirectorWe don t have a specific set of criteria, but you must have a solid understanding of Miro and a clear idea of how you might pitch the project to potential business partners. You must be very sharp, flexible, and good at building … [...]

  4. Nicholas Reville says:

    I totally hear your concerns, and it’s something that we’re taking very seriously. We are considering ways to increase our user-based fundraising, especially as our user base grows. However, my sense is that we’re in a very different situation than Wikimedia. Your (unbelievably awesome) project seems similar to craigslist structurally– relatively straightforward software, running on central servers, driven by community-generated content. Like craigslist, I think you can do well with a fairly small staff. For projects like Miro and Firefox, I feel that we need a lot more resources in order to stay competitive with software from Apple, Microsoft, Joost, etc. More money means more developers which means we can improve Miro much more quickly. This is why we have relatively high goals for our budget. That said, if we can find ways to do it with user support and more foundation grants, that would be great. We have a few more plans up our sleeve on those fronts, so we’ll see where those can take us.

  5. Matt Hartley says:

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘business experience’? I have a number of contacts and ideas within both the entertainment (namely, comedians) industry and the tech industry.

    We have even discussed some of the ideas in the past, although I do have a few new ones as well.

    We should talk more about this. I will email you later on today or tomorrow. :)

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