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Over 2,000 Channels in the Miro Guide

August 6th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

The collection of channels in the Miro Guide has been growing very quickly. We’re now over 2,000. That’s a lot of shows to choose from.

Channels have been coming in so quick that we haven’t been able to feature all the ones that we’d like to and a lot are zooming past the ‘recently added’ section on the front page, which only shows 7 at a time. You should take a look through the new section of the guide and see what’s come in over the past few weeks.

Because of all this growth, we’re going to put some energy into building better tools to help you find channels. We have a few things we’re planning: a rating system, a ‘people who like this channel also like this channel’ suggestion system, and a way of indicating which channels haven’t been updated in a while. Hopefully these features will be up and running over the next few weeks– it should help you find stuff that you might be missing.

We’re also talking to a couple companies that are interested in making custom channel guides. There’s already a feature for this in Miro– you can add a new guide at anytime in the ‘channels’ menu. We’ll keep you posted when new guides become available. And if you or your company are interested in making one, it’s very easy to do– all you need to do is have Miro 1-Click Subscribe links on a website. When the website is added as a guide, Miro treats those links as subscribe requests (that’s how miroguide.com works). There are some more details about making a guide on our development wiki.

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