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Miro: After the Launch

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The past three weeks have been incredibly exciting for everyone involved in the Miro project. Here is a quick update for curious folks:

The Miro launch went really well — we have more users, more buzz, more channels, more dedicated volunteers, and a better piece of software than ever before!

Some folks were worried about the name change, but I’ve got some good news. We saw a massive spike in downloads that has since stabilized well above our former plateau. On top of that, the Participatory Culture Foundation is still working just as hard to keep users and producers at the center of the online video experience. Overall, I think the name change has breathed extra life into an already vibrant project.

While a few users experienced upgrade problems, our volunteers and broader community have been incredibly helpful in assisting our developers isolate and squash these bugs. Our development team is working extra hard to iron out as many of the wrinkles as possible for Public Preview 2 (0.9.9). Then it’s just a matter of time until the big 1.0.

Speaking of volunteers, I especially want to thank: Ryan12, BenDD, robbt, Fluteman, broli, contarc, Sumana, sedatg, hungry monkey, phillramey, RCPrivett, mojodean, davidbow, harrio, mardou, Jon D, Matt Wilcox, and others who have been assisting in a variety of ways. This is not to mention all the folks who have been submitting great bug reports, packaging Linux builds, and generally making Miro better for everyone who uses it. Thanks so much to all of you!!

BIG Contest: Design 1-Click Subscribe Buttons

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

In the hustle and bustle of launching GetMiro.com, we weren’t left with a lot of time to make 1-click subscribe buttons. We think it will be fun to have a contest for new designs.

A Fun Little Design Contest

Design up to three buttons and submit them as links in the comments. On August 20th, we’ll create a blog post with all of the submissions.

There aren’t a lot of constraints on what you can submit. Our goal is to have a selection of buttons that would look nice on a blog sidebar or myspace page. We hope to see a variety of sizes and colors.

Judgment Day: August 20th

Voting will be informal and will happen in the comments. Every voter is allowed to pick two of their favorite designs. Please, one vote per person. The polls will be open for 24 hours. In the end, it’ll boil down to the crowd’s four favorites.

Fame, Fortune & HUGE Prizes

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest ranked designers will get to pick a Miro shirt from a set of three designs that are NOT yet publicly available. The first prize winner will get one of each of the new shirt designs! We have both boy and girl sizes.

Extended Everlasting Fame

All buttons that we include on our 1-click subscribe page will have their creator’s name immortalized, along with a link to their website or blog. We choose these designs (and they could fall outside of the winner’s pool).

What is a 1-Click Button/Link?

Miro has the ability to use 1-click subscribe links. That means a person can click a link from a browser and automatically become subscribed to a channel (or set of channels). We’re going to start really encouraging video producers to add these to their sites. This is the Miro 1-click button maker.

Use the M

This is a .png graphic with a transparent background. You’re welcome to use it in your designs (we just ask that you don’t change the color or shape).


The Small Text
This contest is for fun. Submit up to three different designs. There will be (at least) four different people winning prizes. Feel free to use the Miro ‘M’, but please don’t change its color, orientation, aspect ratio, or shape. Your friends CAN vote for you. If we find anyone cheating on votes, we’ll sick the PCF dogs on them! Good luck and above all, have fun!

Edit: Here is the Miro font (unfortunately, it’s not free).

Developers: you can now build Miro on Windows with free tools!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Since the Miro project began 2 years ago, we’ve been using Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 to build Miro on Windows, because it’s the compiler used to build the official version of Python. There’s only 3 problems with this: it’s not free as in freedom, it costs money, and you can’t actually buy it anymore (except on ebay). This puts up a huge obstacle for developers that want to work on Miro on Windows.

Paul Swartz has spent the past couple weeks figuring out how to build Miro on Windows with all free tools (not an easy task). We are very pleased to offer these instructions, which we hope will let more people participate in Miro development: How to Build Miro with MinGW. Go free software!

Volunteers Needed: Miro Guide Moderators, PHP Programmer(s), and More

Monday, August 6th, 2007

We’ve got a number of volunteer posts that need to be filled. If something looks interesting, check out the bottom of this post for info on getting involved. Our volunteers and community are what makes it possible for us to compete with the all those other companies out there– we’d love to get you involved in the fight.

Miro Guide Moderators
The Miro Guide has over 2,000 channels and is rapidly expanding. We need people who can dedicate 1-3 hours per week to help us filter through the new submissions. It’s pretty fun, actually.

PHP Programmer
We want to build a volunteer matching system with volunteer power. We would like to do it as a Vanilla extension (Vanilla powers these forums). We have a volunteer who has some PHP experience, and has even developed a WordPress Plugin, but hasn’t worked with Vanilla. He is friendly and enthusiastic and has expressed interest in making this a team project. Also, we generally need help w/ PHP so get in touch even if the Vanilla Extension isn’t your gig.

Outreach and Support
We always need more help in the forums, in IRC chat, and with publicity for Miro. We especially need people who are good w/ Miro for Linux. If you’re interested in lending a hand, speak up here or join our Tuesday night chat meetings (5:30p EST every Tue in #team.miro @ irc.freenode.org) (or both).

Want to Get Involved?
If you’d like to help us out, there are 2x quick ways to make your intentions known — the best is to join this forum discussion. The second option is to get in touch directly, via e.mail, at dean at pculture dot org.

Looking for something?