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Fundraising: Half-Way to the Goal. Amazing!

September 17th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

Donations have been coming in steadily since we began the campaign, and we recently had some large gifts. We are just over $27K, which puts us over the half-way mark! However, we’re going to have to keep pushing like hell to any chance of reaching $50,000.

It is critical that we keep this momentum — if you have been thinking of donating, now is the perfect time. This funding will keep keep our developers coding past the big 1.0 release. Big thanks to those who have already contributed, you’re making all the difference.

Oh, and we just added a meter, so you can track our progress from the front page of the Miro Guide.


2 Responses to “Fundraising: Half-Way to the Goal. Amazing!”

  1. william says:

    Congrats with that, however I am uninstalling Miro tonight. I feel very frustrated right now with all the bugs the software has, I will come back sometime in the future and see where you guys are at. I am sorry to post this here but I tried to register to your forum and I got a “note” saying that someone will review my application! bla bla bla, annoying and not very free spirited to my taste. I hope you guys don’t start acting all corporate from now on. Good luck!

  2. Kiernan says:

    Some of the bugs, if you are on linux, has to do with the lack of support for some video codecs.
    You have to install the “illegal” stuff to get that support on Linux. This is not Miro’s problem because
    it has to do with an access to legal codecs, and while video podcasts continue to use proprietary video formats such as Quicktimes.. There will be fewer video podcasts that can be seen by any video podcatching client.

    As for me, I’m using Miro everytime I switch Ubuntu on. I have it set to start up when I boot into Ubuntu. I am now subscribed to dl.tv, pixelperfect, planet nerd, a youtube channel, Meet the Gimp, the_source, OnSoftware, Frontline, NBC Nightly News, Larry King, EuroNews, Geekbrief.TV, CNET TV, The Buzz Report, Anderson Cooper 360, Fox News Flash, and a whole slew of Firefox advertisements.. I’m adding video feeds from time to time. Some podcasts peter out, but that’s not Miro’s problem either, that’s just people schedules/agendas since most video podcasts are managed by people like you and I.

    I wish I knew some of the bugs william is talking about.. There were some when Democracy Video switched over to Miro, and I didn’t have Miro installed during this time, but it works now..

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