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Fundraising Success… $50K!!!

September 26th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

I’m excited to report our fundraising victory! We recently passed the $50,000 mark, which was our goal for September. It’s a small but significant chunk of our overall budget and a great sign for the future of the project.

To everyone who was able to give, thank you sooooo much! Your gifts are helping push us, full speed ahead, into 2008. Every bit helps us improve the Miro experience, which in turn strengthens our mission to democratize TV.

The Miro developers are super focused and are moving quickly towards the next release — thanks again for your help!


And finally, I have a favor to ask — if you think Miro is great, share it with someone.

Showing Miro off to your three best friends is basically the same as making a donation. This type of outreach is absolutely critical to the success of the project, especially since we don’t have a marketing budget to speak of.

Here is my favorite strategy: when I see a channel I know a particular friend will like, I subscribe to it. When it’s convenient, I show that friend the channel(s) and play a few compelling videos. In the end, I always offer to help them install and customize Miro — when the channel recommendations are right on, friends often take me up on the offer.

For those who undertake this mission: thanks in advance! Your enthusiasm and dedication mean a whole lot to us.

4 Responses to “Fundraising Success… $50K!!!”

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  2. devolute says:

    I’m happy! Miro still has a lot more potential.

    I’ll going to be helping http://www.catch21.co.uk distribute content through Miro.

  3. Fabio says:

    Just got the mail. Congrats, Miro! Now we are looking for the results.

  4. Alex says:

    Great, I’m happy for the success. I also contributed but would really really like to see the work on the Broadcast Machine move on up. I think it’s crucial to give the contributors/distributers of content a helping tool – not only the subscribers…



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