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Help Fellow Miro Users

September 3rd, 2007 by Dean Jansen

Our forums have been host to some great discussions; however, there are still a lot of questions without replies. For quite a while I was replying to most of them, but lately I haven’t had as much time… that’s where you can help.

For example, this user has a simple idea for a new feature, but probably doesn’t know about feature requests and voting in bugzilla. A quick post can make all the difference!

Are you friendly?

Do you use Miro regularly?

Do you have time to help us out?

If answered yes to any of those questions, drop by and say hi!

4 Responses to “Help Fellow Miro Users”

  1. Paul says:

    My guess is the reason you need help on the forum is because its difficult to join the forum. After reading this post I jumped on the forum to see if I could help.

    I found a questions I this I can answer, so I tried to post a response. Wait.. I need to log in… Wait I need an account… A little annoying (I prefer something like google groups) but OK so far. Accounts are good to keep spam down.

    So I created an account. Then I got a message that my account will be reviewed by an administrator… No time frame, but it sounds manual… I’m getting the sense that its not likely to happen any time soon.

    And here I am, with a possible answer and the attention span of a gnat. Waiting usually equals inaction.

    Anyway I’d recommend auto accepting applications to the forum to make it easier for people to get involved.

    In the mean time for the person with the proxy server issue, http://www.getmiro.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=212&page=1#Item_0

    Check out this forum post and reply. It sounds like a similar problem and the solution may just work! http://readlist.com/lists/lists.mozilla.org/support-firefox/0/1062.html

    Hope this helps!

  2. Dean Jansen says:


    This is helpful feedback. We switched to a non-automated system for the following reason,

    “We had a ton of junk accounts that had infiltrated the site and were leaving copious amounts of porn spam. The new forum software requires a human to review each forum membership application — this should cut the spam to almost zero.”

    While the spam is at zero, we were (when we were building the forums) concerned that the bar might have been set too high. The registration page does state that most applicants are approved within the hour, which is generally the case, but it sounds like the e.mail could clarify this too.

    I noticed that you have gotten a chance to post your message — I’d be curious to get your follow-up opinion.

    At any rate, I think we can definitely work to minimize the steps and make things more clear to the user. We could try something automated for approval, but I’m a tiny bit nervous about spam.

    Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the response Dan.

    My previous comment is probably as close to a flame as I’ve ever written. My experience and my resulting comment came during a personal low in my threshold for frustration. It sounds and looks like you’ve done a great job balancing the goals of an open forum with one that limits spam.

    I like your idea of making things more clear. What I remember seeing is a message in bold saying some thing like “Your account will be activated once it has been reviewed by an administrator.”

    I’m sure there was something on the page about a time frame, but I didn’t see it in that sentence and as I mentioned… A personal low in my frustration threshold.

    I’d suggest a message that says something like “Your account will be activated as soon as one of our forum administrators confirms you are not an evil spam monkey. This usually takes less that an hour and is critical to keeping posts about ‘Nigerian diet pill 4-1-9 phone offers’ from flooding the forum. Our administrators are on call 24×7 to approve new accounts and we don’t feed them unless they have reviewed all new account requests.”

    Keep up the great work! Miro Rocks!

  4. Dean Jansen says:

    Paul, thanks again for the feedback. We need to stay on our toes, as it’s not worth losing people (even if they happen to be a little testy at the time) with poor user account systems. Will work on making this a better (more verbose) experience :)


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