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Cartoon requiem for DRM

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Colin Dodd sent me a link to this beautiful Cartoon about the rise and fall of DRM on music. Watch it, mash it, share it!

We’ll have more to say soon about the still up-in-the-air future of DRM and video. Here’s a preview: it screws you over.

Be Our Friend

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

So we know that MySpace and Facebook are both textbook examples of closed networks, veritable walled gardens. However, we also recognize their power for networking music and projects and sharing ideas. We want you to be our friend :)


In the spirit of knuckle busting competition, our goal is to have more users than Joost ‘s Facebook group. Currently, they outnumber us 4-1, but with your help Miro can reign supreme! Join the Miro Users group today!


Ahhhh MySpace… so beautiful, so fashionable, so part of Murdoch’s ever widening empire. We’re pretty popular here, but we still want you to be our friend! It’s so nice to have friends.

Quality, Compatibility, Choice: Why Video RSS Matters.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

why video RSS matters

Along with the release of Miro Public Preview 2 (0.9.9), we’ve posted a new page that makes the case for video RSS and open video distribution.

We feel very strongly that RSS is the key to building a flourishing and competitive online video marketplace. If proprietary formats or a single giant video host win the day, then creators will be locked in and video hosting companies won’t be able to compete.

Share this page with anyone who creates online video, any site that hosts video, and anyone who cares about making mass media more open and democratic:

Quality, Compatibility, Choice: Why Video RSS Matters.

Miro Public Preview 2 (0.9.9) Released!

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

We have just released a major update to Miro– Public Preview 2 (0.9.9). This version has a ton of bug fixes and a few nice new features. Most notably, we’ve added menus for OPML import and export (our most requested feature!). Also, Miro will now return to the last place you visited in the Miro Guide when you switch away and back. Everyone should upgrade.

Download Miro

Features and Selected Bug Fixes in 0.9.9:

  • OPML import and export allows lists of channels to be shared.
  • The Windows Options panel has been reorganized into pretty tabs.
  • Miro will return to the last place visited in the Miro Guide when you click away and return.
  • If you add an alternate channel guide, Miro will display the name and icon for that site.
  • Single file downloads are now supported.
  • Mefeedia, Yahoo! and Yahoo! Video are added as search engines.
  • Veoh has been temporarily removed due to compatibility problems.
  • Translations have been updated.
  • Added an automatic error reporting feature.
  • Fixed the resume download failures of Search items.
  • Fixed the Miro Guide load failures.
  • Fixed the duplicated videos.
  • A ‘Remove Channel’ link has been added to the settings panel below the channel url.

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