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Miro Public Preview 3 – Released

October 31st, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We have just released Miro Public Preview 3 ( This is the last version before 1.0 and has a lot of improvements.

Download Miro Public Preview 3

Today we’ve also published a chart that compares Miro and Joost. Here’s my blog post explaining why we think Miro is better and here’s the full chart.

What’s New in Miro Public Preview 3

a. On Windows, Miro will now generate thumbnails for any file that you download or add to your library. It makes for a much nicer browsing experience. If a channel already provides a thumbnail for a video, Miro will show that instead.

b. Miro now shows the channel icon instead of the generic video icon each video in a channel. It’s a simple change that makes a big difference.

c. If you search for a video in your Library or a channel and then start playing it, Miro will remember the search term when you stop playing the video. Fixes a small annoyance.

d. Miro now has the ability to add alternate channel guides and initiate individual video downloads with a 1-click button. We’ll be putting up 1-click button makers for these features soon and we’ll be integrating this functionality into the Miro Guide.

e. We’ve spent some time improving the first-time user experience. When you run Miro for the first time, you’ll see this page which has a quick video overview and you’ll be able to subscribe to some batches of channels on specific themes, like Sports, News, Food, etc. We hope it will help new users get their bearings a little more easily.

f. At the request of video bloggers, we’ve put a ‘permalink’ below the video playback area. This makes it easy to go to that video post and leave a comment. Someday we’d love to have integrated commenting.

g. Some install functionality that makes our Co-Branded Miro service possible.

h. Compatibility with OSX Leopard and Ubuntu Gutsy.

i. Lots of bug fixes and small tweaks.

13 Responses to “Miro Public Preview 3 – Released”

  1. Randy Gamage says:

    Upon downloading the installer for Public Preview 3, my Avast antivirus came up with a warning that this file had a trojan horse inside:

    Filename: http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/win/Miro_Installer.exe\$INSTDIR\Miro.exe
    Malware name: Win32:Ranky-GW [Trj]
    Malware type: Trojan Horse
    VPS Version: 071031-1, 10/31/2007

    Please let me know if this file is safe to open!


  2. PhoenixP3K says:

    My avast! prompted me with the same warning. I screened it with Windows Defender and looks fine. I went in the Miro chat room and I’ve been told AVG didn’t detect anything malicious. Problem if that if avast! locks the file you won’t be able to start Miro.

  3. RyanG says:

    I got the same message from Avast. I also emailed Miro about it.
    Hopefully this isn’t turning others away.
    I stopped downloading.

  4. Nicholas Reville says:

    This seems like it must be an error on Avast’s part, but we’ll be in touch with them to sort it out. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  5. It keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work.

  6. sleepyenglish says:

    Did you guys/gals sort out the java conflict?

  7. amuzzy says:

    Were there any fixes to the bittorrent client?

  8. Nicholas Reville says:

    amuzzy– not that I know of. however, we are in the process of switching the entire bittorrent backend to a new system. this will be available in the first major version after we release 1.0.

  9. Rick Village says:

    I’ve got the same problem with Avast.

    I did turn Avast off to install the latest Miro, but once I tried to boot up my computer this morning, I got the same message from Avast again.

    Is there a way to go around this? I miss my Miro already!

  10. Dean Jansen says:

    Updating your Avast virus definitions should clear this problem up.

  11. Kaycee says:

    Doesn’t work, at all, for me. Has the framework of miro, but is completely blank. None of the buttons work. Import/export does not work. The close button doesn’t work. Nothing.

  12. precious roy says:

    I really wish that miro was faster. my vaio run fast with photoshop but miro just drags. lets stream line the code soon please. I think clunky software turns off new users.

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