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Team Miro Blog & Month of Miro Docs (join us)

October 29th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

We have a brand new Team Miro blog that will soon join our constellation of blogs at Planet Miro.

Contarc, one of our most dedicated volunteers, writes (original post here):

Hey everybody. Contarc here. I’m one of the members of Team Miro, now leading the documentation team. We are trying to do a major overhaul on the documentation and need your help. We are looking for volunteers who can write articles, and help shape the Miro documentation into something kickin’.

For more on this, join us tomorrow (Tuesday 30th of October) at 4:30EST for our weekly meeting on the chatroom or #miro @ irc.freenode.org. Details on Team Miro are available on our official site. I’ll be posting here on a weekly basis to keep you up to date on the Team Miro progress. See you in the chat!

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