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1.0 on Tuesday

November 12th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

If all goes well we’ll be launching Miro 1.0 tomorrow… hold onto your hats.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rick Ross’s schedule is the same as mine?

5 Responses to “1.0 on Tuesday”

  1. Tommy says:

    Good luck! It’s a great product and I love using it everyday.

    /uninstall joost.exe

  2. CristianP says:

    WOW! Can’t wait!!
    Great work guys!
    Miro RULEZ!!!

  3. kayzai says:


    I have been a user since the DTV days.

    I hope this means we can look forward to an over haul as far as user interface is concerned.

    If you want to compete with Joost (which is a very good program but somehow makes me feel shackled), you NEED to approach miro as a program for TVs.
    Everything NEEDS to be accessible via a remote control (Apple Remote or ATI remote wonder, at-least).

    And you need to be able to sort/add channels whilst view videos. (JUST LOOK AT JOOST’S BEAUTIFUL/FUNCTIONAL USER INTERFACE!)

    I think miro as an ideology is where TV is heading and i congratulate PCF for being at the forefront of future T.V. However, the user interface really needs to more intuitively to reflect miro’s vision. (Example, you want us to rate channels BUT why can we not rate a channel that we are currently watching???. Why not add a link alongside the “email a friend” that will take us to the channel’s page on miro guide so we can rate the channel.)

    miro has so much potential that i am actually thinking of just taking the Source code and really going to town on the user interface front.

    Congrats for finally maturing to 1.0. Here’s hoping that the publicity will bring in more volunteers/


  4. Nicholas Reville says:

    Tommy, ChristianP, kayzai– thanks!! It’s going to be exciting.

    Kayzai– yes, work has already begun on big changes for the version after 1.0 and UI is a major part of that. Stay tuned here for details as our plans get more clear. We’d love to have your ideas, suggestions, mockups for UI and jump in on the code anytime.

  5. payam nazarian says:

    I would love to use this product, but it does not even start running on my MacBook Pro. I couldn’t find any help on the problem.

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