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After Miro 1.0

November 27th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

As you probably assume, we’re already neck-deep in work on Miro 1.1 and beyond. It’s always dangerous to predict what will be in future versions, but there’s a few things we’re pretty sure about.

The next release will be Miro 1.1. It will have a few small bug fixes and tweaks, but the major improvement will be dramatically better BitTorrent support. The current version of Miro relies on code from the last free, open-source version of the BitTorrent Inc. software (they have since gone closed source and that code is now fairly out of date).

Recently, a project called libtorrent has been building open-source torrent code base that’s looking great. We’re in the process of switching our torrent engine to libtorrent which will generally modernize our torrent support and add crucial features like encryption (which helps reduce the effects of traffic shaping by anti-neutrality ISPs). Once libtorrent is in place in Miro, it will be easy for us to update to new versions as that project moves forward. It’s a perfect example of what makes free, open-source software so useful and powerful.

As we’re working on 1.1, we’re also starting on some bigger, deeper changes that should improve Miro’s performance and responsiveness. This new code will also make it easier for us to develop alternate interfaces for Miro, such as a fullscreen TV-style navigation system. If you’re technically inclined, you can follow the action on the developer blogs and on the developer mailing list.

6 Responses to “After Miro 1.0”

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  2. Better bittorrent for Miro…

    PCF Executive Director and co-founder, Nicholas Reville announced that the next version of Miro, 1.1, will feature among other improvements, better bittorrent support.PCF has planned to switch from current open source BitTorrent library to open source…

  3. danzeb says:

    The GUI and functions are great.
    The slow speed and problems with channel connections and finding the current video on a channel makes it feel like a work in progress. If many channels are subscribed to Miro seems to attempt to connect to all of them and start downloads from all of them simultaneously and that slows things to a crawl. A limit to the number of simultaneous connections and downloads would help.

  4. kasper says:

    …so maybe a MediaPortal style skin could be made or even a plugin for MediaPortal, that would be really fantastic!!

  5. lipilee says:

    great piece of code! I am longing for an ‘offline’ button so I can watch previously downloaded stuff while I’m browsing thru my traffic limit GSM modem… I will get this in the bugzilla system as soon as my net doesn’t suck ;)
    anyways, looking forward to 1.1 :)

  6. Brad Fors says:

    Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.

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