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Launch Madness and Bandwidth $$$

November 15th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

Wow, the 1.0 launch has been pretty amazing. Yesterday the Miro Guide had 90,000 visits, which is triple our daily rate in October. GetMiro.com spiked to 80,000 visits, more than 10 times it’s usual.

The launch coverage has been wonderful. Here’s some of the biggest ones: Fortune Magazine Blog, Wired Monkeybites Blog, Ars Technica, TechCrunch, Slashdot, Technology Evangelist, Lessig, Tech.co.uk, and our buddy Cory at BoingBoing. Also, I read somewhere that we were on the G4 cable channel and we’ve been getting lots of non-english press, some of which seems pretty big. More importantly, we’re getting hundreds of links from personal blogs (get a button!) and as always, word of mouth brings us many more users than any media coverage.

All this traffic has left us with a good, but expensive problem of bandwidth. We don’t host any video downloads; since Miro is a decentralized player everything comes from individual publishers and the videos we make about Miro we usually host free on the fantastic Blip.tv. Our downloads are generously hosted on the OSU Open Source Lab ftp network, so we don’t worry about that. But even just getmiro.com and the Miro Guide are up at 50mbps at times. It’s a good problem to have of course, but it’s pushing past our (small) budget.

If anyone out there has a server with major bandwidth available, give us a holler. If you’d like to donate some money, now would be a really, really, really helpful moment. If you might be able to give a large donation now would be a great time and I’d *love* to talk to you :) – nicholas-at-pculture.org.

(All donations are tax-deductible for Americans and since we spend in US dollars, your international bucks go far right now!)

Finally, I want to give a personal shout-out and congratulations to everyone on our team and all the volunteers, translators, testers, coders, donors, and advocates that have made this possible. You’re all kicking ass (and we’d love to get even more of you involved).

16 Responses to “Launch Madness and Bandwidth $$$”

  1. Aaron Strontsman says:

    Downloads here in Europe are pretty slow, I get only 10 KB/s, though at least 50 would be possible. So, I’d like to ask two things: Aren’t there any European mirrors (with the most recent build)? And: why don’t you spread updates via bittorrent?

  2. Mike Hudack says:


    Drop me a line – mike at blip dot tv. Let’s talk.

  3. Sam 89364 says:

    I apologize if I am stating the obvious here, but wouldn’t it help if the “Miro Guide” was not opened by default when you run Miro?

    We can always open it when we want to look for new channels, right? Plus, it will probably shorten Miro’s startup time.
    Also, the guide itself is not resource friendly for people using old machines as Media Center PCs.

  4. Andre says:

    Congrats on all the success with your 1.0 launch! Mike’s basically the best guy in the world — hope he can help with some of the bandwidth issues.

  5. MazSinMex says:

    If you would submit your application (Miro) to macupdate.com, they’ll host it for free, because Miro is freeware. go here:


  6. Oroganzza Ofrotz says:

    why is google not offering help? they are not evil, as they say, so why don´t you ask them?

  7. Stéphane Loeuillet says:

    Isn’t bittorrent the ideal way to distribute it ?

    Having a bittorrent client inside Miro do download videos, it could also be used to download updates.
    All you need is a tracker, and it would require far less BW

  8. MazSinMex says:

    Well, let me repeat, if the developers of Miro simply submit their updates to MacUpdate.com, they will be hosted totally free, no strings attached. Gratis. No charge. Free as in ‘beer’.

    Hosted for free at MacUpdate, likely the most popular Mac software site in the world. That is the ideal way. Not everyone knows how to use torrents.

  9. Nicholas Reville says:

    Stephane, MazSinMex- as I said in the post, the downloads of the application are donated by the OSL, so that part is all set.

  10. Interesting stuff – we use P2P – less server dependent – now live in test mode – expect to launch by year end.

  11. Sorry, should also mention : ck out our site: http://www.newitv.com (all Chinese – v little English)

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  15. Khan says:

    Your posts are always interesting.

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