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November 13th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

To go along with the launch happening today, we’ve made a Miro 1.0 Feature List.

When Apple launched Leopard recently, they put up a nice list of new features and it seemed like something similar would be useful for Miro users– take a look, even Miro power users may not know about everything we’ve got in there.

14 Responses to “Miro Feature List”

  1. kayzai says:


    I have been a user since the DTV days.

    I hope this means we can look forward to an over haul as far as user interface is concerned.

    If you want to compete with Joost (which is a very good program but somehow makes me feel shackled), you NEED to approach miro as a program for TVs.
    Everything NEEDS to be accessible via a remote control (Apple Remote or ATI remote wonder, at-least).

    And you need to be able to sort/add channels whilst view videos. (JUST LOOK AT JOOST’S BEAUTIFUL/FUNCTIONAL USER INTERFACE!)

    I think miro as an ideology is where TV is heading and i congratulate PCF for being at the forefront of future T.V. However, the user interface really needs to more intuitively to reflect miro’s vision. (Example, you want us to rate channels BUT why can we not rate a channel that we are currently watching???. Why not add a link alongside the “email a friend” that will take us to the channel’s page on miro guide so we can rate the channel.)

    miro has so much potential that i am actually thinking of just taking the Source code and really going to town on the user interface front.

    Congrats for finally maturing to 1.0. Here’s hoping that the publicity will bring in more volunteers/


  2. juantomas says:

    Hi Guys,
    you did it again!!!!!
    Congrats for this amazing project.


  3. hopingthisisit says:

    Did you add video randomization yet?

  4. tomhiggins says:

    Been around since dtv and am happy to finally get a linux version that worked after installing:)- yes, no bombouts or crashed dbs…thank you.

    As for competing with Joost, you just have to realize the slob appeal of Joost is that it is for folks who like things precanned and predictable. Things like Miro are not so much for the sheeple, and this is why I think it is a better thing than Joost. Joost and lockin locked out apps, much like lockin OS’s like windows and apple, will always draw numbers because its the mob appeal of the status quo that brings em in droves. When Miro gets the buzz on massive it will get a fair amount of that, this stable release is a big step in doing that. Not selling your vision to simply rake in a body count goves you something Joost lacks…credibility.

    Folks who use Miro know they are not going to get a DRM, lockedin, TOS, EULA chaining experience.

    And that me droogies is what will make Miro champ over the chumps, if not in numbers that in the value of use.

    Congrats on the 1.0


  5. Roy Pea says:

    No list!

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    The number of request header fields exceeds this server’s limit.
    Apache Server at vmserver.trac.pculture.org Port 80

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  8. guelman says:

    one more thing:
    I connected the PC to the TV via SVHS. one problem, my tv (not a LCD//Plasma) resolution makes it ok to use, but still, it is impossible to see text and the thumbs are too small. not to mentions if I didn’t pre-made a play list and need to move from folder to folder, it is impossible,

    u need a TV mode that lets you use it like tivo, with resolution that fits a normal TV screen

  9. Hoby says:

    Congratulations on feeling that this is the big 1.0 – great news!

    In addition to some TV-centric playing mode (either making friends with Apple TV or otherwise) I’d like to make another request for some kind of Archiving mechanism.

    A lot of these podcasts have episodes that I don’t want to have either expire or keep taking up room on a connected hard drive. For the time being I’ve been manually burning them to dvd – but in doing so I lose all their meta-data and it’s not a friendly process. If offline archiving were built into Miro.. that would be fabulous.

  10. Rocky says:

    I love this product. I am a computer technician but don’t have tivo or anything like it; just a broadcast stations and a vcr. Thanks to Miro I can watch programs I only heard about before. Thank you Miro!

  11. Torleif says:

    ability to manage channels whilst view videos
    and more per-channel behaivor settings
    and show halfway watched clips as half-new
    and ability to auto expire unwatched for example hourly news chanels
    and “mark as watched” function some clips reocur in feeds
    and feed filters by name date length tags
    and automatic duplicate download removal
    and “find more like this” search
    and mabe an davaced playlist generator like:
    from all my channels give me ten minutes of random short clips tagged funny
    from these two channels give me an hour of news reports published in the last 48 hours
    from this channel all unwatched oldest episodes first
    from all my channels unwatched medium lenght highest rank frist

  12. I have been looking at Democracy (now MIRO) as a tool to be used for our content distribution in South Carolina public schools – I manage a state-wide microwave communications system for ETV . ETV delivers education al content to every public school in the state of South Carolina.
    We are transitioning all of our analog broadcasts to IP delivery – I think a custom/branded version of MIRO is the TICKET!
    I hope I get a chance to speak with a programmer about some customization work….
    you are doing an excellent job with this latest iteration of your media player

    God bless y’all

  13. Gabriel says:

    It would be great if people could post comments on the Channel Description pages. It would allow people to voice their opinion about the content and contribute to a participatory dialogue.

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