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Miro Feature List

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

To go along with the launch happening today, we’ve made a Miro 1.0 Feature List.

When Apple launched Leopard recently, they put up a nice list of new features and it seemed like something similar would be useful for Miro users– take a look, even Miro power users may not know about everything we’ve got in there.

1.0 on Tuesday

Monday, November 12th, 2007

If all goes well we’ll be launching Miro 1.0 tomorrow… hold onto your hats.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rick Ross’s schedule is the same as mine?

Whether Audio or Video, DRM Breeds Mistrust

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Even though the music industry is starting to realize that DRM (digital copy restriction) is bad for business, the misconception still persists when it comes to video.

Think DRM increases video sales? Ask the diehard baseball fans who bought game videos that were wrapped in a DRM system that has now been disabled: The Joy of Sox: If You Purchased MLB Game Downloads Before 2006, Your Discs/Files Are Now Useless; MLB Has Stolen Your $$$ And Claims “No Refunds”.

What are the chances that those fans will be buying a lot of games with this new DRM system? When customers stop trusting your product, they stop paying for it. DRM inevitably breeds mistrust.

Video Creators: Add a Miro Subscribe Button to Your Site

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

We have improved our Miro Subscribe Button maker. This makes it easy to create a Miro Subscribe Button or link with any video RSS feed.

button maker in action

Pretty New Buttons!

We have a bunch of cool looking buttons, as a result of our 1-click button contest (thanks to Pat, Wes, Gabriel, and everyone else who participated)!
button maker in action

Test Drive a Working Miro Subscribe Button at:

You Have a Feed and You Don’t Even Know It!

A lot of video hosting services (including YouTube) automatically generate feeds (without telling their users). We have a tool that will find your feed, and then it’s a matter of plugging the feed into the Miro button maker.

Put a Bundle of Feeds in One Link

This little known feature of Miro really rocks — a single Miro subscribe link can subscribe a person to multiple channels. You can do this with the multi feed button maker. It’s like having an entire network or video blogroll in a single link!

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