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Recursive Photos from PodCamp

November 6th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

Will and I were at PodCamp Boston the other week, hanging out with some cool video bloggers. A few of us started taking these wacky recursive photos (thanks to Brett Stilwell for taking some of the pictures!).

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Casey McKinnon

Casey McKinnon of:
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john herman

John Herman of:
The Eye
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Casey and I
This is funny — Casey had argyle
socks that matched my shirt!

2 Responses to “Recursive Photos from PodCamp”

  1. Casey says:

    I LOVE these photos… especially the argyle… ROCK ON!

  2. Pat Race says:

    That photo made me do a double take, the argyle sweater and black background make Casey look like she had multiple limbs amputated.

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