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Video Creators: Add a Miro Subscribe Button to Your Site

November 7th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

We have improved our Miro Subscribe Button maker. This makes it easy to create a Miro Subscribe Button or link with any video RSS feed.

button maker in action

Pretty New Buttons!

We have a bunch of cool looking buttons, as a result of our 1-click button contest (thanks to Pat, Wes, Gabriel, and everyone else who participated)!
button maker in action

Test Drive a Working Miro Subscribe Button at:

You Have a Feed and You Don’t Even Know It!

A lot of video hosting services (including YouTube) automatically generate feeds (without telling their users). We have a tool that will find your feed, and then it’s a matter of plugging the feed into the Miro button maker.

Put a Bundle of Feeds in One Link

This little known feature of Miro really rocks — a single Miro subscribe link can subscribe a person to multiple channels. You can do this with the multi feed button maker. It’s like having an entire network or video blogroll in a single link!

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