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Announcing Miro 1.1: Dramatically Faster BitTorrent

January 10th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

I am very pleased to announce Miro 1.1: download it now.

There are two major improvements in this update.

First, we have dramatically improved performance for torrent downloading and we offer more settings and control (thanks to libtorrent). With this update, Miro is truly a powerhouse for torrent feeds, if I do say so myself. Torrents are still a difficult and mysterious technology for many users, despite the huge bandwidth savings they provide to publishers. We aim to make your torrent experience seamless at worst and invisible at best.

For example, Democracy Now! is a radio and television show that is very popular but only available in certain markets. With Miro, anyone with an internet connection can subscribe to an HD video torrent feed of the show with a single click and have the latest episode ready to watch each day. You simply cannot beat Miro for BitTorrent feeds.

The second new feature is a combined search that lets you get results from all 5 search engines at once. You can still choose a specific site to search if you prefer but this will give you broader results.

Other notable news:

a. We’re hiring! We have openings for a Fundraising Director and programmers.

b. We are about to launch our first round of Co-Branded Miro Players, with several well-known internet and media brands. If you are interested in a Co-Branded Player that comes with your company’s content and branding, see this page and be in touch.

37 Responses to “Announcing Miro 1.1: Dramatically Faster BitTorrent”

  1. Get Miro Version 1.1 für Windows, Mac und Linux…



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  3. Jonas says:

    is there any plans on optimizing miro ?
    1. when opening a channel with 50 or more items in it it takes forever for it to show up, not to be an ass but i could have done it in c/c++ and it would have __much__ faster.
    2. downloading slows everything down too
    3. and what is this annoying process: convert.exe getting executed all the time ?
    4. C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Participatory Culture Foundation\
    has over 1000 files, many small files takes time to read or do anything with and slows down pc overall for the user ex virus scan, defrag, have you thought of using one/several big file?
    …i have more but you get the point, i hope…..
    i say lazy / sloppy work

    it’s a great app no doubt about that but it’s too slow and it has some bugs and settings that dont work but that i can ignore it’s the lack of speed im annoyed about.
    my pc (need-to-know basis):
    amd athlon xp 3200+ (2.2 ghz)
    windows xp pro sp 2
    2 gig ram

    ps: im still using miro, i still have _some_ faith left in the programmers

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  7. Marcus Estes says:

    Congrats, this is brilliant!

    Question: Will Miro read .torrent files within an RSS enclosure?

  8. Meneer R says:

    When can we expect the Ubuntu packages?

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  10. Nicholas Reville says:

    Marcus– yes, of course.

  11. will says:

    Meneer R — I’m working on 1.1 packages for Gutsy, Feisty and Dapper now and should be done in a few hours. Typically it takes an extra day to produce Ubuntu packages after a release… Probably because I’m a lazy/sloppy programmer. ;)

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  13. Renaud says:

    With my 150 rss feeds, Miro is so slow at start up that i am always hesitating when it is time to turn it off.
    It takes 10 to 15 minutes to get launched on my Powerbook 2.33 Ghz (2.6 Mhz memory)

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  15. Meneer R says:

    That’s great to hear! I wouldn’t call that sloppyness, since debian packaging isn’t one of the easiest ways of distrobuting packages. I mean: its very easy for us, very clean, lots of garantuees we can always uninstall, but as I understand it, its puts the burden on the packager.

  16. Meneer R says:


    I’m use another Miro user, and I can confirm some parts of it are very slow.
    I think this is due to usage of XUL. XUL requires to prerender everything, even the things you can’t see yet. And in that proccess it seems to be constantly recalculating the layout while adding video’s to the result-page..

    Perhaps for Miro 2 we can convice them to switch to http://clutter-project.org/
    Which will allow for the same kind of fancy OS-Neutral interface, but with great performance.
    It even comes with built-in video support. (That’s another dependency you can cross off your list, although XINE works fine)

    That would rid us of the horrible XUL stuff.

  17. will says:

    I thought I was going to have the ubuntu packages done today, but I hit a bunch of problems. I haven’t figured out whether they’re due to the new packaging scripts or something else, but I’m having difficulties. The biggest problem is that it takes 30 minutes or thereabouts to compile on the machines I have. So iterations are slow.

    I’ll try to get them out as soon as I can. Unless I have a breakthrough in the next 10 minutes, it’s looking like they’ll be out either really late tonight or tomorrow.

  18. Meneer R says:

    Interestingly a ./run.sh works fine here, but the torrents don’t run at all. Yet the ports are configured correctly, and deluge-torrent (which uses the same libtorrent) works like a charm on the exact same torrent-files.

    Is this the same issue you have been hitting? Or is the packaging itself that is creating problems..?

  19. Chris says:

    Great! Use Miro on my Mac and it’s a charm! Hope iPod video support is around the corner….