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Announcing Miro 1.1: Dramatically Faster BitTorrent

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

I am very pleased to announce Miro 1.1: download it now.

There are two major improvements in this update.

First, we have dramatically improved performance for torrent downloading and we offer more settings and control (thanks to libtorrent). With this update, Miro is truly a powerhouse for torrent feeds, if I do say so myself. Torrents are still a difficult and mysterious technology for many users, despite the huge bandwidth savings they provide to publishers. We aim to make your torrent experience seamless at worst and invisible at best.

For example, Democracy Now! is a radio and television show that is very popular but only available in certain markets. With Miro, anyone with an internet connection can subscribe to an HD video torrent feed of the show with a single click and have the latest episode ready to watch each day. You simply cannot beat Miro for BitTorrent feeds.

The second new feature is a combined search that lets you get results from all 5 search engines at once. You can still choose a specific site to search if you prefer but this will give you broader results.

Other notable news:

a. We’re hiring! We have openings for a Fundraising Director and programmers.

b. We are about to launch our first round of Co-Branded Miro Players, with several well-known internet and media brands. If you are interested in a Co-Branded Player that comes with your company’s content and branding, see this page and be in touch.

Now Hiring: Fundraising Director and Programmers

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

In the next few weeks, we are hoping to hire a Fundraising Development Director (ideally someone on the west-coast) and at least one coder. Take a look at the Job Descriptions and if you know anyone wonderful, please pass them along!

John Lilly, Mozilla’s New CEO

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Congratulations to John Lilly, our friend and member of our board, who is now CEO of Mozilla!

I strongly believe that Mozilla is playing and will continue to play a crucial role in the future of free speech and open-access. The browser is more central to our internet experience that anyone could have predicted and Mozilla is almost singlehandedly keeping the browser free and open. It’s incredible work and we are very grateful for what they’ve done for the internet and our shared global culture. John is the perfect person to take the reins as they continue to expand on their success.

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s CEO until today, has done a simply unbelievable job guiding Mozilla and Firefox to this point. It says a lot about the organization and mission that she has built that she will be staying on in a new role that will let her do more of the things she loves. Great people stay at Mozilla because there’s simply nothing as satisfying as doing work that you love on a project that matters at a place where people care about creating change.

Again, congratulations to John and Mitchell– we’re thrilled to see what you’ll both do in these new roles.

Take a look at Mitchell’s announcement and John’s.

Looking for more testing volunteers

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

The successful release of 1.0 last November was largely the result of the assistance we received from a relatively small group of dedicated volunteers.

As we continue making improvements to the functionality of Miro – we also need to continue to improve the QA and increase the number volunteers.

You can find specific details about the testing needed for the upcoming 1.1 release on The Miro Testing Blog!

If you are new to Miro and aren’t sure what type of help we need, please take a look at the QA wiki.

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