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Revision3, TED Conference, and Deutsche Welle Announce Custom Miro Players

January 31st, 2008 by Nicholas Reville


Today we’re rolling out the very first co-branded Miro players. This isn’t just a big day for Miro– this is a new model for online video distribution. These custom players enable companies and organizations to get viewers subscribed to all of their content in one click, while dramatically lowering the cost and complexity of extending their presence to the desktop. Having a specialized desktop video application used to require big resources, and only well funded ventures like Apple, NBC, Joost, Veoh, or BBC had them. Now, however, any publisher has access.

The benefits are huge. Instead of a multi-million dollar programming project, these organizations can take advantage of what we’ve already built. But even more exciting is the benefit to viewers: every custom player is also a fully-functioning Miro. Viewers will get their Revision3 content pre-installed, but they can also add channels from anywhere else. It’s the simplicity and branding of a custom-built and the flexibility of an open platform. We are thrilled with this model.

Three partners are announcing their players today and more are launching in February.

First is the TED Conference– the ultra-elite tech conference that offers some of the most compelling talks in the world for free download. A perfect Miro partner. The TED player is available today from their website and will be given out on a cute USB stick to every attendee at this year’s conference. Here’s TED’s announcement on their blog.

Second is the Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international public broadcaster. They are offering lots of RSS feeds of content and a co-branded player is a perfect match for them (after the US, Miro is most popular in Germany).

Third is Revision3, the amazing online television network. Revision3 has set a standard for online-targeted video shows and seems to be growing fast. They are still putting the finishing touches on their Miro player, but it will be ready for download soon.

You can download the TED and Deutsche Welle players (and soon the Revision3 player) on our premier co-branding partner page.

If your organization or company is interested in a co-branded player, please see this page for details. And the press release for today’s announcement is here: Co-Branded Premier Press Release.

13 Responses to “Revision3, TED Conference, and Deutsche Welle Announce Custom Miro Players”

  1. Congratulations, guys! This is great news, and seems like a really smart move for everyone involved. I think I’ll be recommending the TED Talk Viewer, at least, to a bunch of people who don’t do a lot of videocast watching, but who I know would really get a lot out of those talks.

  2. Ross says:

    Congrats Guys. I have emailed Ian Carroll, head of Innovation at the ABC here in Australia about this, hopefully we will get a branded player down under too.

  3. Al Billings says:

    I already have Miro and use it to download TED content. Is there a way to get the new TED channels (are the links for them up anywhere) without downloading the partner player?

  4. Nicholas Reville says:

    Mike, Ross– thanks!

    Al– yes, go to this page and click on the button below the download button. That will subscribe you to the full batch of TED channels–


  5. I am in the Philippines. Can I connect? Hope you instruct me. Thanks,

    Sergio J. Montinola

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  9. ian says:

    Congratulations to all the folks at Miro, this is excellent news! Very happy to hear of all your successes and this seems to fit perfectly with your goals and values.

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  11. jak says:

    I can’t congratulation to the folks at Miro yet until they put the damn the SUBTITLES up for god’s sake! Just like the rest!

  12. Joe Melendez says:

    I’m still waiting for the Rev3 player. They taking to long. urry up bit.ches. cheers!!!

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