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CBC to offer TV show via bittorrent

March 19th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

This is really exciting. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) will be posting the next episode of “Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister” with BitTorrent (here’s the announcement). That in itself is cool, but there’s more: they say that the inspiration for the project came from reading Cory Doctorow’s (a Miro board member) post about how the NRK in Norway was having great success this way and saving thousands of dollars a month. NRK recommends Miro and does most of their BitTorrent distribution through Miro, since it’s the easiest way for folks to download and watch BitTorrent videos.

This is the first trickle of what could be a rush of video publishers, tv stations, and public broadcasters using BitTorrent to save money and reach a wide audience with high quality video. This is exactly the kind of thing Miro was created to enable! We believe every publisher should be able to reach thousands and even millions of people with HD video and low bandwidth costs.

Here’s more about TV shows distributing video with BitTorrent and Miro:

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6 Responses to “CBC to offer TV show via bittorrent”

  1. Great news! (But it’s NRK, right?)

  2. Joe Canadian says:

    Ok, not to be the sore Canadian or anything, but CBC has trouble these days establishing an audience on TV let alone the web… The joke here is that even if they gave the content way, nobody would want it, because it sucks!!!

    Putting your stuff on BitTorrent is only a ballsy move if you have a demand for it elsewhere.. Sadly, this is rarely the case for Cancon.. You think CBC would do this with Degrassi?? hell no!

    $0.02 CDN

  3. Nicholas Reville says:

    Anton– good call. Fixed it.

  4. CristianP says:

    WOW! :-D
    I love Canada!
    I love Miro!

    Thanks to both!

  5. @joe canadian
    you’re missing the point – it’s a major step in both technology and media. Granted CBC is owned and operated by the Canadian government, it’s a major step in getting other publishers to offer their content using bittorrent as a medium for better bandwidth conservation.

    Also it gives exposure to Canadian culture, the purpose of CBC is to protect Canadian culture identity from the perceived threat of globalization. Degrassi is not on CBC (non-profit), it’s on CTV BellGlobalMedia (for profit).

    Shows like Little Mosque on the Prairie are popular, I just wonder if they’ll extend it to include non-Canadian shows that CBC has the rights to air including Simpsons. Most likely not, since they won’t have the rights.

  6. Bill McMinn says:

    This is a pretty exciting to see a network open up to online distribution without DRM restrictions. PBS has already done it with a made for the Internet show called NerdTV. This is the first time that I know of where a show produced for broadcast is going to be distributed without DRM.

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