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Two New Versions of Miro: Sliced by Genre

March 4th, 2008 by Dean Jansen

We have just launched two new versions of Miro: Food Edition and Christian Edition!

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Each of the downloadable players comes pre-loaded with a handful of channels that relate to the respective community. With over 3,500 free channels in the Miro Guide, we think now is the perfect time to introduce a content-centered approach to internet TV.

These players make it really easy for a community to recommend internet TV that is totally relevant to its members. Furthermore, because Miro is free and open source software that empowers independent creators, these players are beneficial to both the viewers and the creators in the community.

Now, it’s just a matter of spreading the word in all the right places. If you have any suggestions, as far as blogs or websites that relate to food or Christianity that we should be in touch with, please leave a comment. Additionally, if we’re missing any critical channels in either genre, please add suggestions to the comments.

15 Responses to “Two New Versions of Miro: Sliced by Genre”

  1. mark says:

    wtf? Are you also planning versions for all the other major religions, or for atheism?


  2. Dean Jansen says:


    In a word, yes.

    As long as these pilots do well, we’ll definitely be making more genre based players. As long as there’s an existing community, and it’s producing Miro compatible video, we’ll make a player.

  3. kelly says:

    Will you be adding on channels that relate to sports in the future like ESPN

  4. Dean Jansen says:


    Again, it’s totally possible. It really depends on the success of these pilot versions. Plus we’ll need to be sure there is an interested community that has relevant videos published in open RSS format.

  5. Thomas says:

    I would rather see a technology edition based on what is happening technology wise. Also I would like there to be a version 1.2 as 1.1 stopped working for me.

  6. Really interesting.

    I would be cool if there was a way for people to somehow “configure” these download all by themselves.

    For example… a community could maintain their own list of video blogs. (Using XOXO, OPML, or something.)

    So… for example, if a community had a list of video blogs at: http://example.com/thelist/

    Then you could configure the download using: http://getmiro.com/download?href=http://example.com/thelist/

    (Or something like that.)

    That would be really cool!

    – Charles Iliya Krempeaux

  7. Todd Norris says:

    Now, i understand the reasoning behind the coke “christian” version, but i like the coke classic… sorry bad pun. I like the classic miro look and i already have most of the revision3 content added and i would like to add the food stuff, but what i would see as more of a benefit to the end users is a radio button or check list on install that is something like “check what gets you off:”
    christian stuff
    food stuff
    revision3 stuff

    and then it auto adds those preset lists of videos in folders, and maybe a “common” folder for the ones that are in more then one or a “athiets-christian” channel for those that are in both… and order by alphabet or by amount of topic X over Y… but that could be harder, i would just go with common.
    I don’t want the christian stuff but i would like to know what shows and to easily add the food shows to my list of miro shows. Maybe i am misunderstanding but it sounds like these are different installers (i.e. diff skins and preloaded content) and not quick add a group shows buttons.

  8. marxistvegan says:

    recommend adding the Post Punk Kitchen (For us vegan folk) http://www.theppk.com

  9. John says:

    typo, it’s called the food and fantasy editions.

  10. Are there any screenshots of these editions anywhere? Also, I have the classic one installed with a few subscriptions. What happen if I download any of these and try to install it? Will it keep my old channels? Will it uninstall the classic one? Should I uninstall the classic one before I install the food version or the christian version?

    I think it is a good idea to offer specialized versions. It would actually be cool to have a “make-your-own” version where you have made it simple for people to make a skin and preload it with their own selection as well as a part of this website where people can submit their own versions and others can vote on them.

    The internet is all about findin the right niches today. Nothing can be everything to everybody. So I congratulate Miro on this effort. And I guess it will not be too long before we will se technology, sports, news and fashion on the list along with a lot more. Also, you might consider national themes.

  11. Mike says:

    I love it! Great idea. It’s all about niches.

  12. Dean Jansen says:

    Hi all,

    If you already have Miro installed, installing these versions shouldn’t erase anything — they will only add the new channels. However, it’s definitely better to just use the button below the download to add the channels directly to the existing installation.


    I don’t know if PPK is still making new episodes — it’s a cool show though.


    There are screenshots on the pages — they look just like regular Miro, just with different default channels.

  13. Get Miro Food Edition und Christian Edition released…



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