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YouTube deletes incredible video parodies

March 18th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

Some of my favorite internet videos ever are now one of the best demonstrations of what’s wrong with having a single big corporation control internet video. YouTube has yanked the StSanders videos of bad guitar playing overdubbed on famous guitar players in concert. It’s impossible to explain with words what makes these videos so incredibly well done and hilarious. But it’s easy to explain what YouTube is doing: censorship. Any claim that this is a copyright violation is baloney: this is a textbook case of fair use and they know this.

Instead, Google / YouTube has pulled these videos down because it’s the safer corporate decision. Since YouTube is still the absolutely dominant online video host (four times more popular than the closest competition), this action largely removes these videos from public view. This is how free speech slowly slips away online. And this is why we’re trying to build a decentralized platform for online video.

5 Responses to “YouTube deletes incredible video parodies”

  1. Tamas Simon says:

    I believe to achieve your goal we’ll need to build decentralized storage. e.g. every Miro user contributes 1GB of harddisk space to store rarely watched content. This of course should be optional.

  2. kevin says:

    I am also a huge fan of these videos. I’ve heard that they are being reupped under different accounts. This is a common strategy to circumvent takedowns but is not enough.

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  4. Jan says:

    It would be a first step, if I could download videos from other Miro users, if they got deleted from YouTube. Miro already uses BitTorrent. Isn’t it possible to reuse it for this purpose? (“DHT”, “decentralized tracker”, and such stuff)

  5. I’ve seen youtube censor a lot of fairuse content. not much you can do, its their site

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