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Non-Profits: Make your custom version of Miro here.

April 23rd, 2008 by Jesse Patel

We launched the Miro customization and co-branding program earlier this year in order to give video producers a tool for simple, integrated distribution of many podcasts. We’ve had interest from lots of non-profits looking for simple ways to distribute video content online and we’ve always wanted to offer the co-branding service to them for free. These have included both public broadcasters and organizations that do independent media and activism.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to serve all of these non-profits because we haven’t had enough people to work with them. Rather than throwing up our hands, we’ve built a simplified, externally facing version of our co-branding tool especially for non-profit organizations. Now, any non-profit can get a co-branded version of Miro for free that will automatically update to include the latest Miro features.

If you are a non-profit and would like to have a custom version of Miro for your organization – “Miro – MyGroup Edition” – you can make it now. It will come pre-subscribed to your channels and with your own startuppage. It’s a great way to turn visitors to your website into subscribers.

Miro Non-Profit Co-Brander

This is one of the things I love about working for Miro: we’re able to do projects like this that are focused directly on serving our mission and helping non-commercial broadcasters reach an audience. It’s exactly why we’re here.

As usual, for-profit companies should contact us about co-branding opportunities. Email jessep@pculture.org for more info. Revision3, TED Conference, Deutsche Welle, and other companies and organizations are already offering custom versions of Miro with great results.

Update: Worcester, MA public access station WCCA has already used the custom Miro generator to make a “Public Access TV” version of Miro with feeds from stations around the country. Download the player or just those station feeds here.

4 Responses to “Non-Profits: Make your custom version of Miro here.”

  1. Mike says:

    I keep getting “Internal Server Error.” Is it just getting too much traffic today?

  2. Mike says:

    Excellent, now it seems to be working great!

    Here’s the “Public Access TV” version of Miro:

  3. Too bad we can’t have a co-branded linux version ! :/

  4. roma says:

    Thank you very much for the great information.

    website for non profits

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