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Help create a German version of Miro

April 9th, 2008 by Jesse Patel

It turns out that 22% of Miro users are in Germany. So to those of you reading from Deutschland, please join us in crafting a custom version of Miro just for you!

You can help in three ways:

  1. Moderate: We need people to choose which channels get featured on the German home page, as well as check to make sure that newly submitted channels work in Miro, are legal, and aren’t pornographic.
  2. Translate: We need people to help improve the German translations of Miro’s site, content guide, and application. To get involved visitwww.getmiro.com/code/translate
  3. Recommend: If you have favorite German podcasts or video sites that should be included in the German player, please let us know!

Please comment on this post if you want to be a German moderator or if you have recommendations for German channels. Thanks! If you aren’t primarily a German or English speaker, don’t worry — this is just the first of many community efforts to come.

Also, Holmes and I were in Berlin last week at Re:publica and had a fantastic time. Thanks to Markus Beckedahl for bringing us into the German participatory media scene!

Update: Please join the DeutschMiro Mailing List!

8 Responses to “Help create a German version of Miro”

  1. HoellP says:

    I already downloaded the .po file for Miro, to go over the german translation. I also had a look at the website’s translation, which is not perfect in some places, but there is still a way to go.
    We could meet in #miro-de for translation work if anyone is interested. My username at gmail is my email/jabber account, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in joining forces.
    *goes in the garden to enjoy today’s weather*

  2. [...] bewegte die PCF heute dazu, zur Unterstützung bei der Ãœbersetzung der Software und Dokumentation aufzurufen. Denn zukünftig soll es eine “custom version” mit eingedeutschtem Programmführer für [...]

  3. trm says:

    Hi! I think the German version is a great idea – especially a german translation of the Guide.

    For the same reason I started the german Miro and video-feed blog http://evulgo.org , where german-speaking/related channels are presented. German-speaking miro-news are there too…

    So I would enjoy in helping to moderate german channels!

  4. Fuchs says:

    Doing some translations I found it pretty hard for the Miro Guide. You often need the context of a phrase to find the correct meaning, but I couldn’t find the repository for the Guide. The SVN repository for the Miro app doesn’t seem to include it and the dev site explains that the guide is in a different repository. So my question: Is this one publicly accessible and where is it?

  5. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  6. LnddMiles says:

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  7. Extenze says:

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  8. Great effort, thank you. I hope to help soon after exams.

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