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NYC Video Flash Mob Tonight @ 7 (Monday)

Monday, June 30th, 2008

What: Video Flash Mob
When: Tonight @ 7 PM EDT (Monday)
Where:New York, Outside Grand Central (E 42nd St), across the street and under the pedestrian bridge
Bring: Video Camera or Digi Cam
More Deets: here

The folks behind This American Summer are organizing an NYC Video Flash Mob tonight. New York has had some serious issues regarding the right to shoot photos and video in public places. Luckily, the draconian rules eventually revised. So this event is basically a reassertion of our right to make public recordings.

I’ll be there with a few Miro shirts (to give away) and a video camera — feel free to join me.

Miro vs. MoveOn.org dancehall sing-off. Dutty eh!

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

We were at a conference in New York and I found out that Adam Green from MoveOn.org likes to sing Shaggy. I just overheard his girlfriend and a friend talking about it and started laughing to myself becuase *I* really like to sing Sean Paul.

So, obviously, I challenged him to a singing duel. Miro Sean Paul vs. MoveOn Shaggy. Venue of his choice.

He wanted to see some video of what I was about before accepting, so we sent him a litttle somethin (.mp4). Here’s what he’s working with.

May the best .org win! You all have my back, right?

PBS puts Miro Links in their Podcast Directory

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

PBS recently added 1-click Miro subscribe links to their video podcasts. We’re really enthusiastic about this development, as one of our goals is to encourage traditional broadcasters to offer open alternatives to their online viewers.

PBS sets the tone for public broadcasters around the world, and so we hope this is just a sign of things to come. Cheers to PBS, and thanks to Jesse Patel (our Business Development Director) for helping make this happen!

Note: If you have a video RSS feed and would like to offer your viewers Miro 1-click subscribe buttons, you can use our 1-click subscribe button creation tool.

Note II: If you have connections to a traditional broadcaster and are interested in seeing them move in a more open direction, please get in touch: dean at pculture d org

Podcast Detection: My Favorite Firefox 3 Feature

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

You may have noticed by now that I’m a big fan of Firefox 3. And congratulations to the Mozilla community for passing 8 million downloads in their first 24 hours! Amazing.

I’ve been holding off on talking about my favorite new Firefox feature because I wanted to wait until you all had Firefox 3. The new feature lets Firefox detect enclosures in RSS feeds and send them to your favorite audio or video podcasting client. This lets you click on an RSS feed and have it get sent to Miro if it’s video, iTunes if it’s audio, and a desktop news reader if it’s text.

The new feed preview pane sums it up. (Click to enlarge.)

Firefox 3 Detects Podcasts

This is my favorite feature, of course, because it makes for a much smoother connection from web browsing to subscribing in Miro. And maybe the best part is that it was developed for Firefox 3 by the Miro team! It’s a perfect example of how open-source organizations can work together to give everyone a better experience. Here’s developer Will Guaraldi’s writeup of the new feature.

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