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Best Browser Alive

June 17th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville
Tha Firefox III

Firefox 3 has launched! In addition to being the fastest browser on the planet, it’s simply a joy to use. For example, the new auto-complete system for URLs, aka ‘the awesome bar’, is almost as revolutionary as tabbed browsing. It already drives me crazy to use other browsers that don’t have it.

Today is also Download Day: Firefox will set a world record for the most downloads of software in a 24 hour period. You’d be crazy not to download Firefox now.

And does anyone honestly believe it’s a coincidence that Firefox 3 is launching exactly one week after release of Tha Carter III?

The best rapper alive and the best browser alive both use incredible skill and intelligence, but what truly carries them to greatness is passion that comes from putting their heart at the center of everything they do. It’s absolutely true.

Here’s the Microsoft dis track from Carter III: Lil’ Wayne – Playin’ With Fire.

“So you got so many diamonds,
you wear all the finest clothes,
and your grill is shining,
as you’re driving down the street of gold,
but you can’t blame me if I set this stage on fire.”

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