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New flash drive version of Miro

June 18th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

u3 logoWe’ve recently created a version of Miro that can run directly from a U3 USB drive. Get it here:

Miro U3 Download Page

This version is very handy for folks who keep everything on a USB drive and move from computer to computer. Miro will store all the video you download, your channel subscriptions, and your settings on the drive; just pop it in and run the app. It’s also a good way to get your videos from a desktop computer to a tv-connected computer, without copying files over.

20 Responses to “New flash drive version of Miro”

  1. Evan says:

    I don’t know much about U3 USB drives … is this installer specific to them, or would it work on any USB drive along with other Portable Apps?

  2. sid77 says:

    what about a portable apps version? –> http://portableapps.com/
    at least they aren’t tied to any vendors and it shouldn’t be that difficult if you already have a u3 one :)

  3. Nicholas Reville says:

    There’s been some discussion about this at portable apps and we’ve talked to some folks over there.


    I think most of the work for the U3 version also applies, but there may be a few last steps. It would be great if someone wanted to take this on, and we may be able to get to it someday also.

  4. Ryan Scott Scheel says:

    Please please please get this to work with portableapps.

  5. Mike says:

    After seeing this and the nonprofit-Miro-generator, I get the feeling that everyone at PCF is busy working on obscure things that are exactly what I want and irrelevant to everyone else. Keep it up :)

  6. |3 says:

    Sorry, but U3 is a dead platform (unsupported by end of ’08) and imho, it is silly to support a U3 edition of miro. I am happy to see that Miro is interested in a portable version, but I think there would be more value to helping with the PortableApps.com version instead. PortableApps is opensource, and can be installed on any drive. U3 requires a special “U3 smrt” drive, and cannot be installed an any other hardware. If you want a portable version to be accessible to more users, please support a PortableApps version instead.

  7. dark_yux says:

    Please support PortableApps.com by allowing a full profile switch. Portable Apps launchers partally work by redirecting the entire profile to the USB device Miro curently doesn’t allow that. It’s in bugzilla:

  8. dark_yux says:

    Please support PortableApps.com by allowing a full profile switch. Portable Apps launchers partally work by redirecting the entire profile to the USB device Miro curently doesn’t allow that. It’s in bugzilla:id 8489

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  10. will says:

    It’s good to see all the support for getting Miro on PortableApps. I think it’d be a good platform to support in addition to U3. All it needs is someone (or someones) to do the work. If anyone is interested in contributing, toss me an email and I’ll help where I can. will dot guaraldi at pculture dot org.

  11. Pseudo says:

    If the U3 you guys are referring to is the data “protection” software that comes with some USB drives (like SanDisk), I’d say it is just a big, useless inconvenience. At least for me.

    I simply removed it from the USB drives I got, and lived happily ever after. The software to remove US comes in the drive itself, or can be downloaded from the drive’s manufacture. I *think* there is also a “u3.com” site, or something like that.

  12. Pseudo says:

    Sorry for the typos and misspelling in my post above.
    US: make it U3.
    “drive’s manufacture”: make it “drive manufacturer’s site”.
    Again, my apologies.

  13. Brian Moura says:


    One of my biggest “wants” with Miro is indeed the ability to move videos from PC to PC and to sync up videos.

    Not sure if the U3 Flash Drive is the best vehicle for that. But it’s a good start !

    I’ll definitely keep an eye on your work in this area.

  14. A. Nell says:

    I would love to use Miro, but have to wait for a portable apps version.
    I really hope you make a http://portableapps.com/ version.

  15. dzjepp says:

    Please make a version compatible with PortableApps.com

  16. Michael Davis says:

    PLEASE…please, make miro support a portable version…me and so many other people want a portable version of miro…so PLEASE make this happen and help to make this happen…i LOVE miro and hate life without it, so please make a portable version, i happen to have a u3, but i would prefer a portable non-u3 specific version of miro…please

  17. Jim says:

    Portable Apps please! U3 is dead and a waste of development time. Portable Apps is alive and well.

  18. Tom Ludensen says:

    PLEASE make a version compatible with "Portable Apps"! :-)
    There is a huge demand for a portable version of Miro – my favorit player!!!

    Tom Ludensen

  19. r--t*nix says:

    i also would use miro if it was on portable apps version

  20. ravi says:

    same here

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