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Spotlight on Video Creators: Ancient Places TV

July 17th, 2008 by admin

This is the third installment in a new series of blog posts featuring interesting and independent video creators making an impact with online video. To accompany each post Team Miro will be hosting a live chat interview with the creator, this one to be held on Tuesday, July 22th at 4:30pm EDT (20:30 UTC — see below for more details).

Ancient Places TVAs an independent filmmaker, I’m constantly amazed not just by the quantity of online video out there, but the quality as well. I’m proud to say this week’s featured video creator, Chris Lyes from Ancient Places TV is no exception. I think you’ll find each episode is as visually stunning as it is educational. History has never looked so good!

Inspired by Tony Farley’s online video series, Beautiful Places in HD, Ancient Places TV explores the distant past of the human experience brought to you in jaw-dropping 720p. Though slightly Euro-centric, I see great potential in the series and greatly look forward to each episode as they arrive.

Miro Guide aficionados are probably familiar with the Channel, either in the featured section or out ever expanding HD video collection. After sharing one episode in particular with a close friend I recall quite vividly the total awestruck felt in terms of clarity, composition, and information relayed in such a short amount of time. Filmmaker Chris Lyes time spent at London University studying Classical Archeology certainly shows off.

Early episodes concentrated on material already in Chris’ travel archive, but in the future as time and money allows he hopes to branch out to different locals. If you’re curious about how this show is made, I’d encourage you to check out the Ancient Places TV webpage and maybe even stop by the forums. You can even download Google Earth Placemark Files from the website to see exactly where each episode was filmed.

Meet Chris Lyes Next Tuesday!

This Tuesday, July 22th Team Miro will be hosting a live IRC chat with Chris @ 4:30PM EDT / 20:30 UCT. Field and vote for your favorite questions before event with the Live Question Tool and grab a transcript after the event on our Wiki. For other online video creators, or simply those curious with learning a bit more behind the scenes, this is a great opportunity to talk shop with an established and independent video maker. Watch and participate from the web or navigate your IRC client to #miro-event on irc.freenode.org. I look forward to seeing (and chatting) with you there!

Update!: Transcripts of this event have been posted here.

3 Responses to “Spotlight on Video Creators: Ancient Places TV”

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  2. sneaker says:

    Is the ancientplaces channel dead?
    It sounds very interesting but whenever I try to subscribe either from MIRO or from the https://www.miroguide.com/channels/6449

    and then try to download any of the episodes, MIRO either reports
    “Errore: errore HTTP”. (details show code 403 Forbidden)

    When I try to link directly to an episode, for example the Great Henge of Avebury I get this:

    403 Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /media/APTV_2008-06-24.mp4 on this server.


  3. Chris Markman says:

    Cool, thanks for the interest! Their servers have been a little funky after a recent move, hopefully thing will be back in order relatively soon.

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