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Attention Linux Users: Miro 1.2.7 Release

September 9th, 2008 by Dean Jansen

Many folks have probably already been notified of the 1.2.7 update via the Miro auto-updater. That said, Linux users don’t get those automatic notifications — and there have been some really great updates on Linux! Among the most exciting are improvements to the gstreamer renderer.

You can download the correct version (Ubuntu, other distros, and source) and check out the Linux specific changes below:

Changes and fixes in Miro 1.2.7
* FIXED Miro crashes when adding channels via the command line

Changes and fixes in Miro 1.2.6
* FIXED updated default channels

Changes and fixes in Miro 1.2.5
* FIXED better options in dialog that pops up if the videos directory is missing
GTKX11 Specific
* Fixed playback resume problems with gstreamer renderer.
* Fixed gstreamer renderer to use gconfvideosink if it can for better playback quality.

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 1.2.4
* NEW Miro logs os.system and os.machine on startup–this will help make it easier to know more about a user’s system from the log

Changes and bug fixes in Miro 1.2.3
* NEW Download mp4 from YouTube? if available and download flv if not
* FIXED Downloaded torrents disappear when play selected
* FIXED New counter doesn’t update until selected
* FIXED Feeds duplicated when updating to co-branded version
* FIXED Problems with menus not being translated for windows-xul and gtkx11 platforms
* FIXED httpclient error
GTKX11 Specific
* FIXED Thumbnails are downloaded but not displayed in Hardy
* FIXED Drag and drop does not work in Hardy
* FIXED Fix gtkx11 code so it works with xulrunner 1.9

More details are in the changelog.

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    mike will be happy about that!

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