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Knight Pulse launches

Monday, November 10th, 2008

More than almost any large foundation, the Knight Foundation understands that internet technology is central to its mission and its operation. Today they launched Knight Pulse which engages with the community information projects they fund and the ideas that drive them. It’s a brilliant approach to transparency and I think will be very successful in helping Knight to both promote its vision of the future of journalism and to draw in the best thinkers and projects.

I had the chance to talk with Kristen Taylor who runs Knight Pulse about our recently funded Miro Local TV project. Watch our interview. You can (and should!) subscribe to Knight Pulse in Miro with this button:

Miro Video Player

“we call it culture.”

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Cory Doctorow: “There’s a word for all the stuff we do with creative works — all the conversing, retelling, singing, acting out, drawing, and thinking: we call it culture.”


Translate Miro 2.0

Friday, November 7th, 2008

We are getting into the final stages of building Miro 2.0. There’s still a ways to go, we have a lot of bug fixing and tweaking ahead of us. But most of the text in the app is finalized and it’s a great time to help us translate the interface so that we’ll have lots of languages available on the first day it comes out.

Want to help? Register here and start translating!

Large Video Host to Kill Their Free Service

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Brightcove, a large provider of white label video hosting, recently announced the discontinuation of their free video hosting service. They’ll be deleting all videos/accounts that haven’t upgraded to paid hosting, before December 17th. A large number of videos will simply disappear from the web.

This move may make business sense, especially during an economic downturn, but unfortunately it’s leaving a lot folks out in the cold. For example, one angry user says,

I’m so upset with brightcove I have a daily podcast uploaded everyday and I have over 100, Its gona suck to migrate. On another note I called brightcove and they told me if I wanted to upgrade to their basic service it would be 6,000 USD. I was like no thank you.

This may well be just the first domino in a row of trimmings (or closings) of venture funded web video start-ups.

The more important side effect of a wider-scale slimming down, in the video hosting sector, is consolidation in an already thin marketplace. This may be common sense, but diversity is absolutely critical to the internet, as we know it. To put it another way, having internet video dominated by just a few massive players is not so very different from the good old days of cable and broadcast TV.

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