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Large Video Host to Kill Their Free Service

November 6th, 2008 by Dean Jansen

Brightcove, a large provider of white label video hosting, recently announced the discontinuation of their free video hosting service. They’ll be deleting all videos/accounts that haven’t upgraded to paid hosting, before December 17th. A large number of videos will simply disappear from the web.

This move may make business sense, especially during an economic downturn, but unfortunately it’s leaving a lot folks out in the cold. For example, one angry user says,

I’m so upset with brightcove I have a daily podcast uploaded everyday and I have over 100, Its gona suck to migrate. On another note I called brightcove and they told me if I wanted to upgrade to their basic service it would be 6,000 USD. I was like no thank you.

This may well be just the first domino in a row of trimmings (or closings) of venture funded web video start-ups.

The more important side effect of a wider-scale slimming down, in the video hosting sector, is consolidation in an already thin marketplace. This may be common sense, but diversity is absolutely critical to the internet, as we know it. To put it another way, having internet video dominated by just a few massive players is not so very different from the good old days of cable and broadcast TV.

7 Responses to “Large Video Host to Kill Their Free Service”

  1. Andrea says:

    I wonder if Firefox 3.1 with the tag support will help offsetting the troubles caused with events like this one

  2. William Maggos says:

    I think you are absolutely right, this is the first domino of many. And its exactly why we need the Miro torrent-RSS technology and the Miro Guide. I wish you guys would push this harder, especially at the Newteevee Conference today. You are New TV, truly open. Not like YouTube & Hulu which get endlessly covered over there.

    IMHO In a Perfect World, these are the next steps:

    - 10-foot interface (ala Front Row)
    - support open streaming video (ala VideoLAN and Shoutcast TV)
    - merge with Songbird Media Player

  3. I’ve been a big Brightcove fan, and still am. Bummer that this is what they need to do, but they are making it really easy to turn on advertising so you can recoup some of those costs.

  4. Arturo says:

    Miro solves the distribution problem, even for the Norwegian public television. But you still have the hosting problem.

    For me, the choice is quite clear: if you go non-commercial, non-profit (not that I am, as a matter of principle, against ads short and well placed, but that's a different question), go all the way – also for the hosting. So, even if Blip.tv is a lesser evil than YouTube, the obvious answer should be Archive.org. Their interface isn't for sure very neat, but who needs their interface? They have a reliable service and some of the biggest servers in the world (second only to YouTube-Google, probably ;-)

    In your "Make Internet TV" guide you mention as the major downside of Archive.org that it lacks readily-available RSS functionality. Please excuse me if I am talking nonsense, because I barely grasp the concept of Really Simple Syndication, but look at what I found in their forum (http://www.archive.org/iathreads/post-view.php?id…

    as far as i know, there are RSS feeds for collections, not for search results. if you have a collection then your feed will be http://www.archive.org/services/collection-rss.ph…

    Does this fulfill your requirements?

  5. bollosferatv says:

    I have my contents in brightcove. Feed dont work with miro until june 2008 need help… I left several messages in panel support but no answer.. Pls anybody helpme??

  6. bollosferatv says:

    Sorry feed is not working SINCE June :-( … Im a dyslexic with poor English

  7. Nik says:

    The sad truth is someone must pay the bills and "free video hosting" is not as free and as persistent as some companies tried to present it. Many companies are cutting similar free services as investors require a working business model. Collect 10 million eyeballs and we will think of making money later does not work at this time.

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