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Open Video Codec, Ogg Theora 1.0 Released

November 4th, 2008 by Dean Jansen

ogg fishJust yesterday, the folks at the Xiph Foundation announced the release of Theora 1.0! This is following some big improvements in the Theora encoder, and Mozilla’s decision to ship the next version of Firefox with native support for Theora.

All of this is great news, because an open and royalty free codec is very important to a functional open video ecosystem. We’ll keep you informed of further improvements and developments with Ogg Theora, as well as the authoring/playback applications that support it.

Note: Miro has always supported Ogg Theora playback

4 Responses to “Open Video Codec, Ogg Theora 1.0 Released”

  1. OGGTV says:

    This will spark a super-ammount, of OGG BROGGCASTERS, to compete directly with regular TV stations. You will see a serious challenge with news vans, and TV production studios, from grassroots TV stations and networks.

  2. Mike says:

    Note that archive.org has started deriving OGV files for uploaded videos, and stopped deriving FLV files for new videos.

  3. Hampton says:

    Hope this announcement means better Ogg Theora support from Miro.
    - “Using Miro” introductory video still available in only Flash Video format.
    - Installing Miro still installs patented video codecs requiring Mpeg licenses for use.
    - Miro will default to non-free codec playback, even when Ogg Theora video content is available.

    The Miro project is in a position to not only support Ogg Theora, but also be significant promoters of this free software framework, by establishing a media distribution network, focused on the Ogg technology framework. I think what the Miro team is doing for the “participatory culture” movement is great, but do not reach too far patting yourselves on the back about the Ogg Theora support. (Yet?)

  4. Luis says:

    looking forwards to get involved in the learning procces. Congratulations.

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