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Translate Miro 2.0

November 7th, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

We are getting into the final stages of building Miro 2.0. There’s still a ways to go, we have a lot of bug fixing and tweaking ahead of us. But most of the text in the app is finalized and it’s a great time to help us translate the interface so that we’ll have lots of languages available on the first day it comes out.

Want to help? Register here and start translating!

8 Responses to “Translate Miro 2.0”

  1. PAUL,Henock says:

    Merci Merci Merci …
    Pourquoi pas une traduction dans la langue haitienne qu’est le creole(kreyol)?

  2. miles says:

    Well, this is strange. I translated the website strings 5 months ago and the website still doesn’t feature Slovenian in the drop-down list of website languages. Do you really want translators to translate? I did write to several people at getmiro.com, but no positive feedback when this might happen.

    Not to mention the app and the guide, both fully translated into Slovenian now. Hope to see the new release include the new translation.

  3. Dean Jansen says:


    Something appears to be broken w/ our updating system and we didn’t realize it. Thanks for your help and for the heads up. We’re looking into it now.

  4. miles says:

    Thanks, Dean.
    I just saw that Slovenian is now on the list of website languages, but everything shows up in English when selecting it. Don’t know why that is.
    I also noticed that many new strings appeared in the website po file, although a few days ago Slovenian was 100% translated. It is also weird that they all speak of Democracy Player. I will translate almost all now, except for four of them, they seem to not belong here, here is a simple example of such a string:
    tl”>source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf
    It looks more like a code snippet, not a string for localizers to translate.

  5. Dean Jansen says:

    The workflow for getting the translations into the site is a bit complex, but we should have it figured out soon.

  6. miles says:

    I think it is not problem just with Slovenian, I tried changing the website language to other listed languages and it doesn’t work, at least for me. Everything is English.

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  8. logsplitter says:

    I will perhaps do this job. Maybe

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