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Principles for an Open Transition

December 2nd, 2008 by Nicholas Reville

Today we launched an ‘open transition’ effort with Mozilla and Change Congress to promote open data principles for the Obama transition: take a look and join us here. The Obama team has signaled an unprecedented interest in using technology to make the process of governing more transparent and inclusive, which is a wonderful development. Our hope is that these principles– open licensing, open technologies, and free competition– can help guide their work. This weekend, the Obama team took a great first step by licensing all the content on Change.gov with a Creative Commons license.

The principles that we’ve spelled out for the transition are the same ones that we hope Miro can help bring about in online video as a whole. Instead of locked-down content, trapped in DRM and streaming-only services, we want more access for the public. Instead of giant, centralized video services (YouTube) we want to reduce the role of gatekeepers by encouraging a diverse market of video hosts, each able to compete to offer the best service. And at the broadest level– instead of a world where major corporations are able to buy access to the public’s television sets, we want open platforms, where the best ideas, the best art, and the most interesting content can find its way to your screen, no matter where it comes from.

Read the Open Transition Principles >>

5 Responses to “Principles for an Open Transition”

  1. …and the first item on open-government.us is a streaming video in a proprietary format. Win!

  2. Yeah, OK, there’s a Theora download there too, but the Flash stream is the main attraction.

  3. Nicholas Reville says:

    Greg– we don’t like flash video any more than you, but the reality is that it’s currently the only way to ensure that a video will be viewable in virtually every browser. With Firefox 3.1 adding theora support, we may be on the road to fully open web video, but until then we need to offer something that works for everyone with open alternatives alongside.

  4. Paul Russell says:

    Excellent idea. I like how you’ve made all the data on the website easily accessible as well. Nice work!

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