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Miro 2.0 Pre-Launch Testing & Translating: Join Us!

January 21st, 2009 by Nicholas Reville

Our developers have been hard at work, and the results are pretty spectacular. The new Miro is faster, looks beautiful, and has lots of new tricks up its sleeve (one of my favorites is downloading HD from YouTube).

Before we launch we need some help with testing and translation — the more eyeballs we have, the faster we can push Miro 2.0 out the door. Salivate over this screenshot for a sec, and then try it out yourself.

Download links, translating how-to, and testing instructions are below.


Translating Miro: As many of you know, Miro and the Miro Guide are 100% volunteer translated. If you know any non-English languages, then we’d love to have you translate and/or refine the existing translations. Instructions for helping translate >>

Testing Miro: Using the latest pre-release version of Miro is really fun — and if you’ve got some time to help us run a few tests, we’d be really happy. Testing Steps:

  1. Download a pre-release version of Miro 2.0 (in this case the RC).
  2. (optional) Back up your Miro database… better safe than sorry.
  3. Install your pre-release.
  4. Help us run Litmus tests. Janet has an easy to follow guide for testing with Litmus.

Thanks! We really can’t say enough good stuff about the thousands of people who help: test, report bugs, translate, submit patches, moderate, and answer questions on GetSatisfaction. Thank you all!!!

18 Responses to “Miro 2.0 Pre-Launch Testing & Translating: Join Us!”

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  2. David Rosen says:

    This nightly release is awesome! I had no idea 2.0 was so close to complete. A big "Thank You" goes to the developers for all the hard work you're putting into this project. I haven't found any bugs yet but I will report any that come up.

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  4. Charles_ says:

    I have been a fan of Miro since it was the Democracy Player.. Glad to see that Miro is launching a new version!

  5. William Maggos says:

    will there be a 10-foot UI in 2.0? maybe later? thats the only reason i still use Front Row, even though i constantly run Miro to provide bandwidth for show like Democracy Now!

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  10. tyhychi says:

    I Love 2.0, downloaded it.. made several playlist, now I am watching using the toggle viewer.. Love that!
    it really is fast, easy, does not overrun the CPU!
    outstanding in everyway! great job to everyone!
    Thank you!

  11. My comment on NewTeeVee on the article about Miro 2.0…

    I've tried using Boxee. It's nice, but I couldn't understand how they deal with podcasts, especially Torrent RSS. It seems like they are having you notify them of this new content, then they stream it to you, which seems completely backward. Makes me think they want to become another gatekeeper, while Miro's whole point is to build an environment without them.

    Janko, do you agree that Miro is pointing to the future we all want, creators and consumers, if we could just figure out a decent way to support the creators? It is pretty damn easy to put up a website, be seen by the world, and stay completely independent. From what I gather, the folks at Miro want to reinvent TV along the same lines. That's inspiring, and worthy of all the support we can give IMHO.

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  13. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the Miro 2.0 nightly build, great interface.

    Can I have 1.5x play speed please?

    Sometimes I just have too many pod cast to keep up with.

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  15. DeanJansen says:

    William, this won't be in 2.0, but it will be sometime soonish. It's a feature we've got our eyes on.

  16. DeanJansen says:

    Thanks for all the support here — we're really excited about the new Miro too!

  17. Binierype says:

    Класс, все понятно теперь стало и доступно простому смертному =)

  18. dizi izle says:

    Thanks for all the support here

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