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Al Jazeera Releases Incredible Gaza Footage with Open License

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

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Al Jazeera is releasing some amazing and inimitable footage from the ongoing Gaza conflict. All footage is licensed with Creative Commons (CC-BY), so it’s freely reusable.

Check out Al Jazeera’s Creative Commons repository page, but don’t forget to subscribe to the Miro Channel, where you’ll get the highest res version of the video available.

This International Herald Tribune article explains the significance of the Gaza Footage:

In a conflict where the Western news media have been largely prevented from reporting from Gaza because of restrictions imposed by the Israeli military, Al Jazeera has had a distinct advantage. It was already there.

Fred Benenson, of Creative Commons, also notes, because the footage is released under a CC license it, “can be used by anyone including, rival broadcasters, documentary makers, and bloggers, so long as Al Jazeera is credited.” For more information, check out the Creative Commons press release.

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