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YouTube Download Issue

January 30th, 2009 by Dean Jansen

YouTube seems to have changed their back end again, so downloads might not be working. We should have this fixed in the next day or so for the 2.0 branch and will put some download links up when it’s ready.

For Miro 1.2.8 users, you’re going to need to update to 2.0 to get this fix — sorry for the wait.

This might be the excuse we need to flesh out the plugin system we’ve been wanting to build. Then we could keep users updated without needing to re-release the entire application (and anyone else could build add-ons too, which would be amazing).

6 Responses to “YouTube Download Issue”

  1. Lance says:

    I don't use either any of those "Web" YouTube download services at all. They are sometimes irritating to work with, then you need to make and effort to check them (and go to their page every time you want to download something, which I hate), plus they are slow and anyone can see that they offer less options than a good software.

    I use http://www.youtube-downloads.110mb.com/ The program requires no install, only unzip, it is real small (39Kb, assembly language program!), but once started you can download multiple videos on the fly, with a simple drag & drop from Internet Explorer or Firefox, preview the downloaded video while it starts, proxy support, systray icon, HD, MP4, FLV, 3GP support, and many more. Once used, you never need to go back to Web download services again. It's the best program of the type I've found. If anyone knows of better, let me know!

  2. fifthelement says:

    You may use this site :http://www.youtubeto3gp.com/

  3. robrecord says:

    I am having an issue with this today.

  4. stickers says:

    today, there are so many plug ins available that can easily download youtube, metacafe anf other website videos, currently i m using video downloader and its amazing.

  5. @cxoffer says:

    There's a very easy way to download & play Youtube on your computer.
    It's FLV Direct. You can learn more & download at: http://bit.ly/935tJJ for free
    Good luck!

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